Sealing the Deal

Getting the best deal when you sell your car

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Very few people ever buy a car new off the lot and have it last forever. Very few people are happy with their car forever. The average person will trade their car in anywhere from 9 to 15 times in their lifetime for any variety of reasons: more storage, more seats, better fuel economy, or a more efficient engine.  

When it’s your turn to sell your car and trade up, there are several things you’re going to need to consider before you seal the deal with whomever you’re selling it to. If you don’t do your homework, you run a terrible risk of getting ripped off and not being able to buy the car you need to.  

Check your KBB and other online sources

Kelly’s Blue Book is the reigning queen of car appraisal resources. You can go to their website and plug in your cars information then they will give you a great start on what your car is approximately worth.  

If you’re still lost, there are a great many websites out there that can help you on your car selling adventures. Check out this website, one of the best and easiest websites to answer any sort of car selling question.

Check local listings

Spend some time before you place your car’s ad to check out where similar cars are getting sold. Go walk the used car lots and make sure your car is listed below what the lot has it marked at. Check Craigslist for your area and the area around it. Don’t try and undercut every price you can find, but you also don’t want to be asking four or five grand above what everyone else is listing.  


What your car is worth in the KBB isn’t necessarily what customers are going to pay for it in your area. One of the easiest ways to ensure you get top dollar for your car is to take the time and clean out the interior of your vehicle. Dirt on the dashboard is a giant red flag to a potential buyer that you haven’t maintained your car very well. Take the time, vacuum it out, hang up an air freshener, and wash the inside of the windows.  

Talking like a Salesman

In just about every sitcom or tv show there always comes the episode where they bring up the car salesman. The plot usually revolves around the main character getting outwitted by complicated made up math and numbers that convince them to buy the car at higher than it’s worth. This stereotype came from the reality of salesmanship. You’ll get much more out of your car if you know how to talk to and talk like a salesman. If you spend an hour briefing yourself in the lingo of sales before you head out the door to sell, you won’t get ripped off.


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