Jeep And Cheerful: Which Model Of Jeep Is Right For You?


There are plenty of things that immediately leap to mind when people think of a Jeep, but if you can sum it up in one word it would probably be: “freedom”. Actually, it would probably be “mud”, but freedom comes in close second! There’s an assumption that Jeeps are always going to be the car you need when you want to escape the confines of the road and get out into the dirt. Now, this is definitely true, but that doesn’t mean that off-road driving is the only arrow in a Jeep’s quiver. In fact, there are enough models of Jeep out there that you’re probably going to find something that fits whatever your needs are. But whichever one you choose, you’re going to find yourself with more freedom than you ever expected. Freedom of where to drive, freedom of space inside the car, and freedom from driving the same old boring cars forever! Here are some of the most distinct and classic models of Jeep so that you can figure out which one is right for you.

Jeep Grand Cherokee

This is probably the most popular model of Jeep on the road right now. This mid-size SUV is the answer to everyone who assumes that driving a Jeep has to be a bumpy, muddy, off-road experience. The Grand Cherokee is one of the most comfortable luxury SUVs around with huge amounts of space, making it perfect for road trips. Not to mention that it’s one of the safest cars available meaning that this jeep is perfect for families. Of course, it also helps that the thing is a dream to drive, combining classic Jeep design with a focus on luxury and comfort.

Jeep Compass

Of course, not everyone has the kind of budget that stretches to the Grand Cherokee. If that’s the case, then the Compass is perfect for you. Despite being one of the best value cars for sale of its kind, the Compass has all of the same style and luxury of the Grand Cherokee. While it can’t quite stand up to the same speeds and power levels of the Grand Cherokee without feeling a little sluggish, when it’s on the road it’s responsive and elegant. For those looking for a new level of comfort, safety, and versatility on the road without having to break the bank, the Compass is perfect.

Jeep Wrangler

This is it; this is the one that jumps to mind whenever the word Jeep is mentioned. The Wrangler is the Jeep you want if you’re looking to get off the road and into the mud. Based on the World War II Willys MB the Wrangler can stand up to some serious punishment. It’s incredibly responsive to drive and will help you get over even the toughest terrain. Just don’t expect the same level of luxury that you’d get from the Compass or the Grand Cherokee. It’s hardly an unpleasant drive, but you are going to expect a few more lumps from this model than some of the other luxury options.



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