5 Ways to Stay Safe Behind the Wheel


Getting into a car accident isn’t something that anyone plans for, and some of the time, it is totally unavoidable. However, there are a few things that you can do yourself to reduce your chances of getting involved in a crash. The vast majority of these are common sense, but it is worth bearing all of this in mind as it may end up making all the difference.

Distracted Driving

Everyone knows all about the significant dangers of drink driving, but nowadays a new phenomenon has started to take over: text driving. Studies have shown that this one can be even more dangerous as your attention is constantly being pulled away from the road as you look down. It only takes a second for everything to change in front of you and suddenly you could find yourself plowing into the back of a car that has had to make a sudden stop. There is no reason that you either can’t wait until the journey is finished or pull over to send that text message.

Badly Serviced Car

If you don’t take your car in for servicing as often as needed, you may well find that the essential safety features are compromised. For example, the tyres may not have as much grip as they should or the brake pads may have worn down. It is worth regularly taking your car to a professional like Powerhouse Diesel in order to make sure that it remains in good working order. The last thing you want is for your car to increase your risk of getting involved in an accident.

Reckless Driving

Too much rapid acceleration and braking will put added strain on your car and increase your chances of becoming involved in an accident. You should also avoid tailgating as you will have a significantly reduced amount of time to respond to sudden braking. Simple common sense driving will put yourself in a much safer position, as well as being better for other road users.


The statistics about people who get involved in car accidents when they fall asleep at the wheel are startling. Even if you don’t end up actually falling asleep, tiredness significantly reduces your reaction times as well as your awareness about what is around you. Stopping off for a rest can really be the difference between getting into an accident and carrying on safely.

Vehicle Safety

Some manufacturers are particularly well known for their highly safe cars with excellent safety scores as well as good reliability. It is worth keeping up with consumer reports if you are looking to invest in a new car as this really can make all the difference. Cars with advanced safety systems like electronic stability control can also have a big impact in terms of accidents. Many people get involved in crashes when they are in parking lots, so manufacturers have tried to combat this by installing sensors. Type of car really can affect likelihood of accident.



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