8 Scary Facts About Drink Driving

Alcohol is a staple of western culture, and like most people you probably have some fond memories that involved alcohol in some way or another! While the world’s favourite recreational drug is fairly benign when used responsibly, it can be extremely dangerous when it’s mixed with driving. The tragic and completely avoidable issue of drink driving claims thousands of lives each year, and this fact is just the tip of the iceberg. Here are some more alarming facts about drink driving…

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– Car crashes are one of the most common causes of death for people in their teens. This is heart-wrenching enough, but what makes this even more alarming is that a whole third of all auto fatalities of youths in their teens are related to alcohol. While teenagers may be at more of a risk of drink driving collisions, they’re obviously not the only people who need to be cautious…

– In the US alone, almost 30 people die everyday due to drink driving accidents. This accounts for roughly one death from the crime every 48 minutes. If you thought fatalities from drink driving were fairly isolated, think again!

– If you’re pulled over while intoxicated, even if it’s your first offense, you could easily wind up paying $5000 or even more in legal fines. Some states even have laws which allow first-time drunk drivers to be sentenced to a whole year in prison! While there are law firms out there like Khonsari Law Group which specialize in fighting DUI charges, the courts can be extremely strict on their interpretation of the law. Don’t think you’ll just get a slap on the wrist!

– As if the fatalities weren’t enough, there are many more people who sustain serious injuries as a result of someone’s drink driving. Statistics indicate that around the world, approximately one person gets injured every minute due to alcohol related crashes.

– If you’re charged with DUI for a second time, you could risk losing your license for up to ten years.

– Alcohol will always slow your reactions. You might have heard people insisting that they know how to pace themselves when it comes to drinking and driving, or that they know they’ll be fine provided they only have one or two drinks. Well, the simple fact of the matter is that alcohol is a nervous system depressant, no matter how fresh you feel after a few drinks. Your vision, coordination and judgment will be impaired.

– People under 21 are subject to a “zero tolerance rule”. This means that if they’re pulled over for drunk driving and their blood alcohol content is 0.05%, they’ll be prosecuted in court. This certainly isn’t the type of thing you want on your academic history!

– In some states, you could be hit with a second-degree murder charge if someone else gets killed due to your drunk driving. This can mean over a decade in prison, and a black mark in your professional history which you’ll never shake off.


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