Do Your Part: How To Be The Safest Driver On The Road

It is so easy to forget the dangers of driving. It’s a task that we have to do all the time. If we thought too much about the possible risks, it might be a lot harder to jump in that seat every morning on the way to work. But the sad fact of it is that there were 35,092 fatal road traffic accidents in the USA in 2015. That means safety is not something that should be ignored. So how can you make sure you are as safe as possible when you are driving? Well, read on to find out.

Your skills

A large part of being the safest driver on the road depends on your own personal skills. Some people are better drivers than others, and some people think they are a better driver than others but actually aren’t.

If you find your hands wandering off the wheel when you are on the freeway, try and keep to the proper 10 and 2 positions. Check your mirrors before you set off regularly for blind spots, especially if you are driving a car someone else has been using.


Of course, observing the actual speed limit and not just the one that you think is ‘safe enough’ also helps. If everyone did these things, it would make a marked difference in our experiences on the roads and make it safer for everyone.

Keeping your car in good shape

Another aspect of safety is the type of car that you drive, and the condition that you keep it in. Some cards have better safety measure built into them than others. Newer models tend to have better air bags, traction and other features such as ABS. That means it is worth updating your vehicle every so often, for safeties sake.

It is also essential to keep your automobile in good condition. Regular services can play a major role in this. Always take your car for service to a company that is expert in your make and model.

It is often easier to find such places for American built cars. But there are now some places that deal with non-American models, such as this specialist European car service centre.

Your road awareness

A large part of being a safe driver is the awareness that you have of what is going on around you. Often times accidents are caused by other road users, and it is up to you to minimize the effect by acting in time.
person-woman-smartphone-carPicture here

That means texting and driving are out! Anything thing that takes your eyes, as well as your attention from the road is a terrible idea. If you have to contact someone, call them using hands-free. Or, use verbal text interface that works through your car.

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You can also help improve your awareness by resting properly the night before when you have a long drive planned for the next day. Stopping for regularly scheduled breaks and a cup of coffee to keep you as alert as possible. If possible drive long distance with a partner so you can share the load, and rest in between.

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