It’s Going To Be Okay: Don’t Break Down When Your Car Does


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As easy as it is to shrug off the idea of it ever happening to you, breakdowns happy on the road daily. There will be at least one occasion in your life during which you’ll face some kind of trouble whilst behind the wheel of a vehicle. Still, hopefully, you’ll never have a breakdown which develops into an accident. It’s just important that you’re prepared for the possibility of that day coming.

However, you don’t need to panic. Given that these kinds of incidents happen every day, whether it is a simple breakdown, or an accident involving another party, there are simple steps in place for sorting out any car-related issue on the road instantaneously and without shelling over every last penny in your bank account. Here’s some advice as to what you should do if your car breaks down on the road.

Assess the damage

Car breakdowns are so common that, more often than not, the issue is something simple and solvable by the driver themselves, even if they have limited knowledge of their car and basic maintenance. In many cases, a flat battery can be the issue. It’s easy to see your car as an indestructible being with infinite life, but go easy on the poor thing. Leaving on lights, or even just the radio, whilst you’re not even in the car or on the road, driving, is a brilliant way to kill the battery and find yourself without a car on the road.

Flat tyres and low fuel are also two of the most common problems, so it helps to think about about these things now – before you have an accident. Tyres are prone to take the full impact of the road and endure general weathering at the hand of the environment around them, so they’re going to deflate or puncture at some point. The question is whether you’re prepared for that; get yourself a spare tyre, just in case the unexpected should occur. As for an empty tank in the middle of the highway; that’s avoidable by getting more than enough petrol for your journey.

The solutions are pretty obvious and straightforward, but they’re great solutions when it comes to averting a disaster from ever occurring in the first place.

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Sorting out your vehicle

Assuming nobody is injured in an accident or a breakdown, whether only your car was involved or there was another party, you’re most likely going to find yourself worrying about the state of your actual car. Of course, the safety of you and all involved should be a priority, but you have places to go, and the world can’t be put on hold just because you’ve had car trouble, or an accident. If you should ever have any form of breakdown, but you’re still in a rush to work or some form of emergency, and you really need to get back on the road, maybe you could consider a mobile mechanic to ensure you don’t have to let your entire day become ruined by this incident.

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Wait for help

Ensure your car, or any other car affected by your incident, is pulled over to the side of the road safely, as you don’t want to cause any further accidents. Perhaps more importantly, ensure that you’re safely waiting at the side of the road. As I said, accidents happen all the time in vehicles, which is why you should be standing well back from situations whereby that might happen.


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