Common Injuries You Might Sustain In A Car Crash

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Most people need their cars every day for getting to the places they need to go. Most drivers won’t need to worry- as long as you practice careful driving, you’re not at too much risk. But of course, accidents can always happen, and you should know what kind of risks you’re facing.

It isn’t just your car that might suffer some damage. The passengers inside are at risk of all sorts of wounds and injuries. Some of these are far more debilitating than others- but naturally, you won’t want any of these. Here are some of the common injuries you’re likely to face on the road.


This is one of the most common road accidents of them all. It occurs when your head gets jolted around in a crash, damaging the tendons and ligaments in your neck. The pain and other symptoms can last anywhere from a few weeks to months. In severe cases, they can even be permanent.

If your whiplash injury was the fault of another driver, you might want to seek compensation. You can contact accident injury lawyers to get the money you’re entitled to. It all depends on the details of the case. Firms like The Wilbers Law Firm LLC deal with these issues.

There are other symptoms associated with whiplash in addition to neck pain. You might get dizziness, blurred vision, vertigo, muscle spasms, and pins and needles. It’s a highly damaging injury so make sure you get help immediately if you’re suffering.

Back Injuries

People involved in car collisions often suffer from back injuries. These can happen in various parts of the body, but most often occur in the lower back. You may receive injuries to the spinal cord or the root nerves in your back.

These kinds of injuries can be seriously damaging. A severe back injury can limit your movement and might even put you out of work. The pain can be long-lasting and seriously uncomfortable.

Back pain can sometimes be caused just by the way you sit in your vehicle. You need to have a good driving posture at all times to prevent these problems. Make sure the back of your seat supports your whole body. You should also ensure you have proper lumbar support and your mirrors are adjusted, so you don’t have to strain your neck.

Internal Injuries

Things like sprains and broken bones are common, but one of the biggest things to watch out for is internal injuries. These can be much more damaging to you and cause serious problems all around.

These can happen in various ways. If you suffer from a fractured rib, you might get a punctured lung or damage other internal organs. Internal bleeding can cause a host of distressing symptoms.

Internal injuries are the most severe kind of injury you need to avoid on the road. They can be damaging to your body in many ways and sometimes even be fatal. It’s crucial you go to a hospital at the first sign of any problems with your internal organs. Waiting is the worst thing you can do, so be sure to get medical attention fast.