5 Common Motorcycle Accidents and How to Avoid Them

image00Getting into an accident on your motorcycle is not something you plan to do when you set off on a ride. But whether you are going to the store ten minutes away, or you are going for a longer ride with some of your friends, you have to keep in mind the dangers and risks associated with driving a motorcycle on the road. Only when one understands these risks can they take the necessary steps to avoid accidents.

If you do not have your motorcycle license yet, go here for motorcycle license CA information and tips on how to pass the tests. But if you do have your license, and you are ready to get out on the road, here are five common motorcycle accidents that happen to other riders, and how you can avoid them.

Taking a Turn Too Fast

Sometimes we can get carried away when we are riding our bike, and we end up taking the corner too fast. If you do so, you may simply not be able to brake or slow down enough to make the turn, which means you may overrun it or completely fall off the bike as you attempt to make the turn. What you want to do is start off slower with the first few corners you encounter, until you get a better idea of what works and does not work with your bike.

Car Pulling Out in Front

Sometimes a car is going to pull up on the road, and they may not even have seen you coming in front of them. This can lead to a nasty accident, even if you try and slow down to avoid the car. What you want to do is drive as if you are completely invisible to everyone else. This ensures that you are always on the lookout for any moving objects that may get in your way, or cause an accident.

Rear Ended

Whether you are stopped on a red light, or you are riding along on the road, you could get rear ended by a car or another bike. In most cases, cars will rear end motorcycles because they do not judge the distance correctly. To avoid these accidents, make sure you are always alert to what is going on behind you, even if you are stopped at a light. Get ready to accelerate at a moment’s notice if you see a car approaching your rear at an uncomfortably high speed.


It is tempting to engage in various skills on your motorcycle, but these are often the cause of minor or major accidents. The best advice we can give is to never attempt these skills. But if you do try them out, attempt them on an open road where there is no other traffic, or very little traffic.

Drunk Riders

Unfortunately, you cannot compensate for someone else getting behind the wheel while intoxicated. But what you can do is limit the distances you ride your bike at night, especially on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights, when drunk driving is most common.

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