Need To Impress? Your Car Can Help You Do It!


We all have those moments where it’s vital that we make a good impression. Or sometimes, we might just want to make a statement. As much as cars are practical inventions for us, their primary goal being to get us from A to B, any self-respecting petrolhead should know that there is so much more to them than that. The overall appearance of a car is, some might argue, just as important as its brake horsepower or long distance performance. How your car looks is the first thing people judge it on – and in some cases, the first thing they judge you on too. If you need to make a big entrance for an event, here’s what you can do to make sure your car doesn’t let you down.

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Full valet/exterior clean

Be honest – when was the last time you properly attended to the cleanliness of your car? When we use our vehicles every day, we often stop noticing the gradual build-up of dirt and mess. But giving it some TLC can be just what you need to breathe new life into your car, and to make it look brand new as well. You can either pay a professional to service your car with a full valet, or you can try your hand at it yourself. As far as the exterior goes, any car that is full of dents and scratches doesn’t exactly scream ‘look at me’ – at least not in a good way! Some small scratches and dents you can deal with yourself, but if you have some more severe ones, it is best to take your car to an expert. Once your bodywork is smooth again, you may want to add some finishing touches, such as new alloys or giving it a full polish to show off the results.

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Hire a new car

If your own vehicle is beyond help and you need something impressive fast, you might want to consider hiring a car from a company like Prestige Keys. If you do need a great car at short notice, it is always better to rent one than to make a frivolous decision on a car to purchase. After all, that’s a lot of money to spend on a vehicle you might not actually like in the cold light of day. Car hire companies also allow you to pick from a huge range and often cover you with their own insurance. So you can own a Bugatti for the day completely stress-free!

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Get a respray

If your car’s bodywork is all intact but it still looks a little lacklustre, why not consider getting it resprayed? Car’s paintwork inevitably fades over time, so having a new color put on can give it that showroom feel again in a matter of hours. If you are an expert when it comes to cars, you might be able to pull off the job yourself. But in most cases, this is definitely one job that is best left to the professionals. As well as the process itself being complex, you are dealing with a lot of harsh chemicals which are present in the paint, so send your vehicle into a garage if you are unsure. When the time is up, you’ll be left with a car that looks as good as new, and ready to impress with.


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