Everything You Need to Know About Dealing with Insurance Companies After a Car Crash

When you’re involved in a car accident, one of the things that you’ll have to do is deal with your insurance company. You will want them to pay out the money you’re owed as swiftly as possible. Unfortunately, insurance companies are not exactly known for fast payouts, so you need to know what you’ll be in for. By preparing for the process properly, you’ll be able to get it sorted out faster.

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Talk to a Lawyer

First of all, you should probably talk to a lawyer. When you do this, you can be sure that you approach the insurance company in the right way. Your lawyer should have the knowledge and experience that will help them deal with these kinds of situations rapidly and properly. You can go to a site like http://chicagocaraccidentattorney.com if you want to hire a lawyer to help you. Talk things through with them, and don’t hide any details of the crash from them either.

Understand the Negotiation Process

You need to fully understand how the negotiation process will work before you get started. Failing to do this will only lead you towards disaster. So, learn as much about it as possible. First of all, the insurance adjuster will offer you a settlement if they think that you have a case. But this might be less that you should get. So, it’s best to negotiate. No one accepts the first offer, and, privately, the insurance company won’t expect you to accept it either.


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Set a Settlement Target

Before you enter the negotiations, you should have a target for how much you want to achieve. This can be something that you discuss with your lawyer because they are on your side. But don’t discuss it openly with the insurance company because that’s bad negotiating. Keep that target to yourself once the negotiations are underway. That way, you should be able to extract the maximum amount from the insurance company.

Make an Emotional Case

You should emphasise the emotional side of the case. If you have spent a long time trying to get money for what has happened to you, there will be an emotional component. You can’t expect to get the money you want if you don’t show the insurance company why you are entitled to it. Use every trick to show them what has happened to you and how the money will help. If you can do this successfully, it should speed up the process and make life easier for you.

When You Have a Settlement Agreed, Put it in Writing

Once you have agreed on a settlement sum with the insurance company, you should get it put in writing. This is important because it will help you to know that the process is done and it can’t be changed. Once it is in writing and has been signed by both parties, there is no going back, which should put your mind at ease a little. You can learn more about getting this done at websites such as http://www.casaforchildren.org.

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