Preparing For A Long Car Journey? These Things Will Help!

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The majority of trips people make with their vehicles are routine drives, such as their work commute or the daily school run. But now and then, you might want to take your car on a long journey. Perhaps you’re going on a trip this Holiday season. Maybe you’ll be driving a long way to see relatives for Christmas. Either way, there are certain considerations for taking a long car trip.

Before you take your vehicle on a long haul, there are certain things you need to do. You’ll need to get your auto ready for the drive. You’ll also need to consider how you’ll take care of it if something goes wrong a long way from home. Here are some of the ways you can prepare your car for a long journey.

Pre-Journey Checks

You might not think about car maintenance much day-to-day. But it’s important you make sure it’s in good driving condition before you set off on a long haul. There are certain things you’ll want to check before going a long car journey.

Remember to look at things like your engine oil and tyre tread depth before you set off. You might also want to pack some repair equipment, such as spare tyres and light bulbs. It’ll help ensure you can take care of your vehicle should anything go wrong. You might also want emergency equipment like an escape hammer.

Instead of handling it all by yourself, you may want to get your car serviced before setting off. Having a trusted mechanic look over your car can give you peace of mind that everything is in order. A well-maintained car will last you for your upcoming journey and beyond.

Getting Fuel

You probably know the location of various petrol stations in your local area. But when you’re out on the open road, you might not know where to go. You might want to use a smartphone app for finding petrol and diesel. These can show you where to get the cheapest fuel, wherever you are.

People often make the mistake of grabbing the wrong pump- especially at stations they aren’t familiar with. Filling your tank with the wrong stuff can cause a lot of problems. You should keep a wrong fuel recovery service in your contact list just in case.

When you’re making a long journey, you’re likely to need fuel often. Make sure you bring along plenty of money for refills. If you’re travelling with friends, you might want to all chip in together to fund the costs.


When you’re taking a long trip you’ll probably be driving around on roads you aren’t familiar with. Especially if you’re going on holiday to somewhere new. You don’t want to get lost anywhere, so make sure you bring a device to help you with navigation.

You can often pre-plan your trip using sites like Google Maps. It can show you the quickest route to your destination and give you precise directions.

However, it’s always worth having a GPS device in your car. They can easily be attached to your dashboard and give you directions out loud. They’re particularly useful for if you need to take a detour. You could also use your smartphone as a GPS. Many have built-in navigation features, and they can be connected to your car’s audio to read out directions.

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