Moving House? Make Sure Your Car Is Properly Dealt With!



A move is pretty complex stuff. But when you’ve got a car or two, then things can become a little more complex. Of course, if you’re not moving too far away, then you’re probably not concerned about it. (Although a second car can still present some problems!)

We’re going to look at some of the things you need to think about if you’re moving home and have a car or two to worry about. For some, it’s going to be an easy task. For others, it could be fraught with complex questions, as well as legal or financial complexities.


Take it with you – or sell it?

Some people may think they have the answer to this question. But you have to consider all of the issues that affect what you should do here. If you’ve just got one car and the journey isn’t too long, then it makes sense to use your car as a moving vehicle. But are you actually going to need your car in your new location? If you’re accepting a job in a new town, for example, you might find that your travel needs change drastically. Of course, if you have two cars, then it might make sense to sell one of them just to ease the moving burden.


Transporting additional cars

So you want to transport your car. But you don’t just want to transport one car – maybe you have two or even three, and you want to transport them all! Perhaps you only have the one, but you intend on driving a moving van you rented. What then? Well, a partner could drive the car, of course. But if you’re single, you might want to see if a friend could help out. You may even find that you’re happier for a professional auto mover to help you transport it. Whatever the case, make sure you have your action plan ready well ahead of time.

Considering interstate moves

You’re probably going to want to look into getting some expert help if you’re moving from one state to another. This can actually get pretty complex. After all, we can’t just bundle all interstate moves into one issue. Moving between two particular states can come with unique complications and costs. For example, if you’re transporting a car, you’ll need to think about specific questions.


The laws in your new town

Your car might be perfectly legal to drive in your current state. But it may fail the safety inspections or emissions tests in another. The costs of these tests will also vary. Something that a lot of people forget to consider is the fact that motor laws differ from state to state. If you plan to sell your car when you get there, then there will be a bunch of other state regulations to consider. You’ll also have to think about any impending legislation in that state that could affect the legality of your car. You should contact that state’s motor vehicle office and get as much information as you can from them.


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