2017 Driving Goals: New Year’s Resolutions For Motorists

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The New Year isn’t far off, and you might want to start planning your resolutions. Many people will be going with the traditional goals, such as losing weight and furthering your career. But it might be worth making some resolutions related to driving.

Driving is something most people do every day. It’s also one of the things that will cost you the most from year to year. It’s fair to say it’s a significant part of your life, so it’s worth having some driving goals. Here are some New Year’s Resolution ideas drivers can get behind.

Do Your Own Repairs

Repair costs are one of the pesky expenses associated with driving. Having to get your car towed to the nearest garage when something breaks down can be a real pain. That’s why it might help to learn to carry out repairs yourself.

Every driver should already know how to replace a tire. But you might want to make it a goal to do some other repairs. There are many car maintenance jobs you can do yourself. You could even learn to modify your car for better performance.

It’s convenient and saves you money, so it’s well worth learning for 2017!

Try A Different Vehicle

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The new year might be the time for a new vehicle. Maybe you should consider upgrading from a city car to an SUV. Perhaps you finally want to get your dream car.

You could also consider going for something completely different. Many people switch from cars to motorcycles. It saves a lot of money, and it’s a much more exciting way to travel. Motorcycles are much cheaper to buy for cars. A lot of equipment is also needed, so be sure to get everything you need on the road.

No matter what vehicle you go for, make sure you grab the best deal. It may be best to buy in December, as dealerships will be trying to sell as much stock as possible before the end of the year.

Cut Costs

Between insurance rates, maintenance work, and gas prices, the yearly costs of driving all add up. Make a goal of reducing your costs next year.

It’s worth keeping track of how much you spend on your car each month. Trying to save a little extra on fuel each month can reduce your expenses in the long run.

You should also make sure you’re getting the best insurance rates. The factors affecting insurance costs often change with time, so talk to your provider and try to get the cheapest deal possible. It’s also worth looking into other insurance companies.

Make Money By Driving

Since a car costs you so much, you might want to make a few bucks back. Many people these days are making extra income on the side by becoming an Uber driver.

It’s simple. All you need is a vehicle and a smartphone. Also, you don’t need to commit to it full-time. You can do it whenever you’re free, and spend as much or little time on it as you want. It’s a great way to cover some of your driving costs and rack up some savings.

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