Absolutely Sick Of Having To Clean Your Car So Often? Keep Your Car Cleaner For Longer

A clean car is a glorious thing. For about a day or two, then something happens. Once again, you find yourself dissatisfied and slowly getting squeezed by the pressure to clean it again. We know how easy it is to get infuriated at how often the car needs a wash. But it doesn’t have to be such a hassle. With these tips, we’re going to make cleans less frequent and a lot easier.

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Are you using the right tools for the job?

If you’re having a hard time getting your car clean, you need to ask if it’s the task or the methods you’re using that are the problem. The single best investment you can look into for keeping your car cleaner is a pressure washer. Whether you’re clearing dried dust off a Cadillac or de-mudding a truck, it makes the process take significantly less time. If you prefer giving it a hand wash, you can even make that a good deal quicker, too. Try to use less car wash solution in your water, for instance. The more wash you use, the less wax you’ll have on the car in the end. Which only adds on to the amount of time spent cleaning a car. However, using an adjustable pressure washer is still the closest you can get to giving your car a proper car wash experience.

Prevention is the best cure

What if you can stop it from getting dirty in the first place? Of course, this isn’t always a viable solution. But when it is, you need to jump at the chance. For instance, we all know that bird droppings can be a serious problem. A car cover can significantly decrease the chances of having to deal with it. Better yet, an enclosed space like a garage keeps it a lot cleaner. If you’re driving a convertible or a truck, you can prevent the inside from getting messy with things like a tonneau cover, too.

Don’t forget the details

Make sure that you’re taking care of the little touches that help your car stay clean for longer. For instance, make sure you’re applying wax properly to protect your finish. Use a small cloth to apply wax in circles, then wipe it off. Make sure you’re not doing in direct sunlight, too, and use three coats. As for the windows, the secret of giving it that valet fresh clean is by using white vinegar. This can help you remove smears and smudges that would be harder to get with other cleaning methods. If you have scratches, consider using a bottle of cutting compound. It can take a long time to initially get rid of the little scratches that have built up over time. Once you make it a regular part of your routine, however, your car will look top notch all the time.

You can never tell what’s just over the horizon. One of your kids might sneak and ice cream in. A bottle of soda might erupt in a bag. The future has all kinds of tricks waiting to ruin your day. With the above tips, however, you’ll have a much easier time dealing with it.

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