3 Car buying tips – How you can grab the best deal


Do you loathe the process of buying a car since it’s too frustrating? Do you find car salesman too pushy?

Even if you hate to haggle with the salesman, still you need to buy a car at some point. This is a reality you need to accept.

Here is a list of tips you can use at the time of buying a car. Hopefully, these tips will help you grab the best deal, put a less pressure on your wallet and reduce your stress level at the time of buying a car.

Research, research and research

There is no shortcut. You need to read the reviews about the cars online. Find out what the customers are saying. Are they happy or dissatisfied? What is the best car for a small family and why.

In case of a new car, collect information about the ‘invoice price’ instead of the MSRP. This would help you negotiate smartly with the car salesman.

Check out the resale price in case of an used car. This again will give you an edge at the time of bargaining.

The best part of doing extensive research is that you can avoid making an impulsive purchase. Whimsical decisions would cost you dearly later. Review the insurance rates for the particular make, model and style of the car. For example, insurers charge a higher premium on sports cars. Again, you need to pay a higher premium when you have a poor driving record. Keep these factors in mind before buying a car. This will help you drive a car that you can enjoy for several years.

Find out who gives the best deal

Walk out of the first dealership. This will help you know the last price they are willing to offer. Now, go to the next car dealer. Find out how much you have to pay for the car. Repeat the process with other dealers as well.

Once you analyze your options, you will be able to make the best decision.

Analyze your financing options

Banks and credit unions charge lower interest rates than car dealers. They often give you relationship discounts, which you won’t receive anywhere else. So, it wouldn’t be a wise decision to get financing from car dealerships. Shop around to know which bank is charging the lowest interest on loans.

Get the auto loan quote in writing. Show that quote to the car dealer. This might help you get a lower interest rate from the dealership.


Comfort is the first thing that should be in your mind at the time of buying a car. Make sure you don’t compromise on this factor. Take a test drive so that you can feel how is it to drive a particular model. If you don’t love it, move on.

The Internet is the storehouse of information. Even after buying a car, there is a lot of work you need to do for proper car maintenance. You can get this information online. If you need to buy a wheel or tire, check out the websites that sell them online. Pick your product and buy it within a few clicks. You’re done.

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