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No one wants to be involved in a car accident, so most of us are very cautious whenever we’re out on the road. Unfortunately though, not everyone values their safety so much! The world is full of bad drivers, who make waiving their safety a habit and make our daily commutes a terrifying experience. Here are a few signs of a bad driver that you need to look out for.

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One way of telling if someone’s a bad driver is looking out for the “brake check”. Most of us have had some experience with tailgaters. While tailgaters are very annoying, not to mention dangerous, people who commit brake checks are far worse. In a brake check, the bad driver in question picks up a tailgater, and decides to handle it in the worst way possible. They’ve got plenty of room to pull over or change lanes, and yet they decide to abruptly step on the brakes, trying to shoo the tailgater away. After that, the drivers behind them will be forced to apply their brakes all of a sudden. If there’s anyone who’s not paying the road proper attention, it can result in a fairly serious collision.

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A more glaring sign of a bad driver is their failure to use indicators. Indicators were built into cars for a reason; to indicate! You’ve probably had at least one experience where someone changes lanes or makes a turn without using their indicators at all. It’s even worse when you see someone sitting at an intersection with no indication of where they want to go. Somehow these people don’t seem to grasp that not signaling your intention is effectively asking for an accident. If you notice a driver who isn’t indicating when they really should, then try to keep your distance until you’re sure of what they’re doing. You may think that you can discern a certain amount from where the driver is looking. However, I’m sure you don’t want to risk having to call an auto accident attorney.

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Finally, drivers who don’t use their headlights in poor weather conditions. It’s alarmingly common to see cars driving around in torrential rain and not using their headlights. There are a few states which have laws specifically intended to improve driver visibility in poor weather conditions. Others simply leave it down to common sense! Generally, if a car’s wipers are on, the headlights should be on too. Yes, even in the middle of the day! Sure, your visibility might be perfectly fine from the driver’s seat in these conditions. Still, keeping your headlights on in heavy rain will ensure that other drivers can see you, and minimize the risk of an accident. Poor weather conditions are dangerous enough with the reduced grip of everyone’s tires. If you see someone neglecting their lights in poor weather, be sure to give them a wide berth.

The next time you’re driving, be sure to look out for these signs of bad drivers. Identifying a poor driver from a distance can mean the difference between having or avoiding an accident.


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