Space And Comfort: The Best Estate Cars Around


Estate cars are generally owned by people who want their car to have enough space to accommodate for a family, but don’t want to go whole-hog and buy a clumsy SUV or MPV. They manage to retain some of the sleek style of a saloon, but have a much longer roofline and a handy hatchback rear. If you’re finally having to wave your lovely coupe goodbye and buy an estate car, it’s not the end of the world! Here are some of the best estate cars currently on the market.

BMW 5 Series Touring

The BMW 5 Series Touring has been on the market since its release in 2010. In that six years, the car has aged remarkably well, and remains a highly capable and spacious estate car. The 560-litre boot has a very wide opening, and rails which allow you to slide in large, heavy objects. It’s pretty fortunate that there’s been so much emphasis on space here in the boot, because the rear seats don’t fold completely flat. However, this is a minor downside to an otherwise comfortable and useful car. When you’re driving the 5 Series Touring, it feels a lot closer to a saloon than an estate car. It’s comfortable, the steering wheel has a nice weight and responsiveness to it, and the great infotainment system makes for the icing on the cake. All these great features combines has made the 5 Series Touring a popular sight on sites like .

VW Passat Estate

2014_volkswagen_passat_3c_my15_118tsi_station_wagon_2015-08-07_01Credit: Wikimedia

If you’re in the market for an Estate car that’s been built with families in mind, then the Passat Estate is the only name you’ll need. The smooth curve running from the hood to the roof is very easy on the eyes, and its handy 650 litres of storage space expands to a whopping 1,780 when you fold the seats down. The floor of the boot has a squat loading lip which is a little annoying at first, but it certainly isn’t anything that will ruin the car. Depending on the trim you choose, which opens after one sweep of your foot under the rear hatch. Some have said that the Passat isn’t as fun to drive as some of its competitors. However, the interior certainly feels more luxurious and roomy than most other estate cars on the market.

Audi A6 Avant

1024px-audi_a6_avant_s-line_c7_-_frontansicht_11-_februar_2013_du%cc%88sseldorfCredit: Wikimedia

This estate car has all the handy benefits we’ve come to expect from an Audi. There’s a wide range of engine choices, fantastic build quality, and a smooth, enjoyable driving experience. Aside from that, it’s got one handy feature which a lot of other Audis are missing: a massive boot! The 564 litres you get in the back may be beaten by one or two other estate cars. However, there’s plenty of room for most people’s needs, and you’ll probably have no issue getting by with the size of it. the boot itself is square and has a large opening for convenient loading. Unfortunately, it manages to fall behind its arch rival, the Mercedes E-Class Estate, when it comes to luxury and comfort, but it’s still a hugely desirable estate car.

Mercedes E-Class Estate

In terms of sense and practicality, the Merc E-Class Estate is the pinnacle of estate cars. With a maximum capacity of 1,820 litres (it has an electric folding rear bench) this massive estate car has all the bragging rights when it comes to storage space. The opening is so wide and low that Mercedes even went on record to say that it could fit a normal European pallet. You’d probably get a van if you were doing anything that required pallets, but that’s still very impressive! Aside from the spaciousness in the back, the E-class Estate also has the luxurious interior of its saloon cousin. You can read a more detailed article here:

Volvo V90

The V90 has a lot to live up to; Volvo are widely associated with their large, dependable estate cars. It already beats its predecessors in terms of safety – the V90 comes with an automatic emergency braking function, which picks up animals and pedestrians as well as the flow of traffic. The V90 is also more aesthetically pleasing than a lot of other models in Volvo’s massive fleet. As opposed to the boxy, clumsy look of their other estate cars, the V90 has a much more grateful shell, like a saloon. The 560-litre boot will easily accommodate for a family of five, as will the comfortable and practical layout of the interior.


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