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If you’ve been reading auto blogs and following YouTube car nuts for long enough, then I’m sure you will have seen some truly breathtaking garages. Some people out there put countless hours and dollars into making their garage perfect for their car and other needs. Even if you’re not prepared to throw all your savings at a luxury garage, you can still make some pretty sweet improvements. Here are a few ideas you might like.

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First of all, consider fitting some carpet or swimming noodles to the walls of your garage. Don’t worry, I haven’t gone mad. If your car fits rather snugly into your garage, then you may have to put up with squeezing in and out of a minuscule gap between your door and the car. It only takes one little slip to drive your door into the wall or some piece of garage clutter, and damage the paint irreparably. If you want to avoid having to think about this, then why not make this one little adjustment. Get some thick carpet, cut off some large squares, and then fix these to the walls on either side. For an even cheaper option, you can cut a swimming noodle in half and screw one half into each wall. After this, you’ll never have to worry about throwing the door open again!

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One relatively small luxury which could enhance your garage experience is installing a garage door opener. The obvious benefit here is that you don’t have to get out of your car when you come home and it’s pouring with rain. You’ll save the time of having to yank your garage door out of its frame, and your car will thank you for not leaving the door open and getting water all over its dashboard! There’s also a security benefit to some garage door openers. Many of these systems use rolling codes, which will ensure that no one other than you can open the door. Furthermore, the operating panel usually comes with handy lights, which will turn on when you’re opening the door.

Finally, to make your experience in your garage that much more comfortable, get a heater and a fan. Like many motor enthusiasts, you may spend a lot of time in your garage over the year, tweaking little details to improve the quality of your drive. Some of us just like taking our cars apart and putting them back together! If this sounds like you, you’ll also be very familiar with how unpleasantly hot and cold a garage can get at different points in the year. A plug-in heater will stave off the frostbite when you’re working on your car in the winter, and a fan will keep you cool, as well as creating a better air flow and keeping the dust out of your face. If you have the budget, then installing some high-quality under-floor heating is certainly a winner!

Carry out these simple changes, and your garage will be more comfortable, secure, and enjoyable.


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