What Goes Into Making The Fastest Cars In The World?


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The subject of what is the best car is mostly subjective. Some people may prefer space and comfort over speed and power. However, no one can deny that cars used in competitive racing are absolute beasts capable of mind blowing speeds. F1 cars, in particular, take a lot of careful crafting and testing before they make their way to the races. Here are some of the aspects that go into creating these incredible vehicles.

Top Of The Range Components

The most important part of a super fast car is the components that make it. The most powerful engine in Formula 1 history was the BMW M12/13 turbo. This 1.5-liter engine was capable of producing up to 1,400 horsepower. It worked in collaboration with Bosch electronics and a KKK turbocharger. Restrictions were soon put on turbo engines, but F1 cars still need efficient engines and smart computer systems.

It isn’t just the large components that matter- even the minor details need the best quality. Formula One cars often use Belleville disc springs and washers. These can handle a very high load, being less resistant to fatigue than other kinds. They’re used in many vehicles, and people often use them for repair purposes. Belleville components can be found at specialist stores, such as www.bellevillediscspringsusa.com/.

The exterior of a Formula One car matters too. Their unique designs are due to the fact they need to be dynamic to take advantage of their inner components. Usually, major companies build the fastest cars, as expensive components are required. However, one man found a way to make them in his shed, as seen at www.topgear.com/car-news/.

The Best Constructors

To create high-quality components and put them to work, the best builders in the industry are needed. Companies who are usually known for consumer offerings, such as BMW and Mercedes, are also huge names in the Formula One world.

Manufacturers can offer their builds to other constructors. For example, Renault creates engines for teams such as Red Bull. Some manufacturers set up their own teams, such as Ferrari. This allows them to show off their superior engines to the public, as well as challenging themselves regarding innovation.

A lot of tight competition can be boiled down to which team has constructed the best cars. You can see Formula One’s official constructor standings at www.formula1.com/en/championship/results/.

Intense Testing

Teams dedicate a good part of their budget to testing, to figure out how to make their cars great before putting them to competition.

Teams are only allowed to test each car for 15,000km a year. This takes place on approved Formula One testing grounds. Teams often also take their vehicles to promotional events to show off their works in progress.

Careful planning is carried out to ensure the time and distance are used for the most efficient testing. Dedicated Test Teams do whatever they can to make sure a car is as fast and reliable as possible in time for big races. This makes them part of what makes a race-winning car, alongside superstar drivers and excellent maintenance teams.


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