Fined For Driving Too SLOW?! Crazy Stories From Around The World


road-90390_1280But Don’t Slow Down TOO Much!

Ah, speeding. It’s something that seems so avoidable, but only takes one momentary lack of concentration. Many of us have found ourselves on the receiving end of a speeding ticket or two over the years.

When stories like these hit the news, you gloss over them. Unfortunately, speeding has become an all-too-common phenomenon. But when you see a story about someone being fined for driving too SLOW, you sit up and take notice.

That’s right, folks. These drivers did need a traffic ticket attorney, but it wasn’t for speeding purposes! Their crime is that they simply weren’t going fast enough.

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63 In a 65 Zone? That’s A Ticket

We’re going to start with a frankly crazy story about an arguably unwarranted fine. This is from 2013, where a Maryland woman was charged for doing 63 mph in a 65 mph zone. She got slapped with $90 fine for the offense, which she intended to challenge after the incident. Surely, an incident like this is going way over the top?! Maybe she deserved it?! Leave us a comment and let us know what you think.

Even Google Is Driving Too Slow!

You know those amazing, self-driving cars that we keep hearing about? They might still have a bit of ironing out to do. However, this story didn’t result in a fine, when a self-driving car doing 24 mph in a 35mph zone was determined to have broken no laws. And, it was noted later that the prototype vehicles that Google was using had been capped at 25 mph. So, no problems here, but it’s still a fascinating story for the cop who pulled it over to tell his grandkids!

UK Tractor Driver Creates 50-Car Traffic Pileup!

We’re off to the UK for our next two instances, and they’re both as crazy as each other. If you’ve ever been to the UK, you’ll know just how irritating it can be to drive behind a tractor. Roads are narrow in the country, and you might be stuck for a long time. Still, no one expects a tractor to create a 50-car pileup! Police pulled over the 20-year-old driver and gave him a £190 fine for his troubles. It’s debatable whether it was deserved, as the driver claimed to have been going at 25 mph – the max speed limit of the vehicle.

5MPH?! That’s Definitely A Fine

There’s no debate about this one. We’re going back to 1998 for an incredible story from Scotland, here. A UK lorry-driver caused a 60-car tailback in this instance, driving at speeds as low as 5 mph. He refused to let other cars pass, making them wait for miles until the driver was finally pulled over by the police. When he was stopped, he gave the best punchline you could ever give. Police asked him why he didn’t pull over, and the 5 mph speedster replied that he was “in a hurry.” You can’t make this stuff up, folks.

Have you heard of any crazy stories like this? Maybe you’ve seen an incident with your own two eyes? Let us know.


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