9 Car Apps You Should Try

car apps

The average person spends 101 minutes a day in their car, luckily if you own a smartphone, you can cut that time down, as well as get help with other car related issues such as repairs and even find the best prices on new cars. From finding the best gas prices to avoiding speed traps before you get ticketed, these 9 car apps will give you a fantastic starting point:


iGasUp – if you are worried about how much you’re paying for gas at the pumps, this is the ideal app for you. It costs around $2.99 and it will help you to locate the cheapest petrol stations based on your location.


TripAlyzer is the perfect in-car app for people who hate to be late. It will help you to plan the best and most cost effective routes from any location in the US to another by looking at your driving habits.


Parker – it can be so frustrating when you are in your car and you are driving around looking for somewhere to park. This app will tell you where the nearest parking spaces are based on your current position. It will also tell you how many parking spaces are available in a car park, how much it will cost to park in a certain area and it will tell you when your meter will run out.


Dynolicious is an app for those people who want to be able to tell how fast a car is going by using a technology like that in a radar gun. Once you have put in the details of a car you simply point it at the car when it is in motion and the app will do the rest.

Craftsman Garage Door

Craftsman Garage Door is an app for anyone with an electric garage door from Craftsman. It will allow you to make sure your garage door is closed from anywhere in the US that has a signal for your phone.


Inrix – this clever app will give you up-to-date information on any accidents or issues that are causing traffic jams. This is ideal for anyone who travels a lot in cities and does not want any hold-ups along their route.


Trapster will allow you to avoid any speed traps as you are driving around. Users enter information about speed traps and these are updated to the app for up to the minute information.


Carticipate – if you want to do your bit for the environment choose this app that encourages car sharing. It will help you to connect with others who want to car share so you can plan journeys together and use less gas.

Find My Car

Find My Car is the perfect app for anyone who tends to lose their car when they go to the mall. It stores the GPS location of your car so you can find it in minutes when you go back to it.

Repair Pal App

Repair Pal App is ideal for those times when you need to get your car repaired and want to know what is wrong with it and how much it should roughly cost. The information on the app is sent in by community members, many of whom are mechanics.