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Do you ever think about how dangerous driving a car is? Often, we use our cars to hurtle down the highways at speeds well over sixty miles per hour. It feels safe, but only because we’re seated in a comfortable bubble. The air isn’t buffeting our face, and the wind isn’t howling in our ears. We don’t feel each bump and jolt on the road due to what is often a brilliant suspension. But perhaps it would be better if we did. Then, we might remember the very real danger of driving a car. If you crash your car at a high speed, there’s every chance the accident is going to be fatal. Of course, there are ways to reduce the chances of your car crashing, and that’s what we need to think about. You need to know how to ensure your car is safe to drive.

MOT, Servicing And Professional Maintenance

You’ll be getting your car checked once a year with a regular MOT. This check will tell you if there are any issues with the car that you need to be aware of. If the vehicle has become unsafe to drive, you will, of course, be alerted. If your car has a serious problem, it may fail it’s MOT. Using a local MOT service is partly about make sure that you get the cheapest insurance. But it also allows you to check your car’s safety. Is this the only time you should check your car for problems? An MOT test is the bare minimum. You should take your car in for a servicing any time you encounter an issue. Or, if your car is involved in an accident, even if you don’t think there was any damage. It’s always better to be safe.

Remember, there are signs of issues with your car that you need to be aware of. You can think of these as red warning lights that you should not ignore. One example of this would be the smell of burning. If there is a burning smell in your car, it could be an issue with the exhausts or the engine. You shouldn’t be expected to know which, but you should get it checked out.

Self Maintenance

Don’t forget; it’s not just the experts that need to be ready to look after your car. You do too. You need to know how to keep it well maintained, even when it’s safe on your driveway. Tyre pressure should certainly be a top concern. You probably don’t check your tyres nearly as often as you should. You should be giving them a firm kick each time you drive your car. Any sign of give could mean they are dangerous to drive.

As well as that, make sure you are keeping your car clean. As simple as this sounds, leaving your car dirty could have a huge impact. We’re not just talking about cosmetic issues like rust damage either. Be aware, keeping your car clean could affect how safe it is to drive. Rust could damage parts of the car engine or even mechanisms. This should be picked up on your next MOT. But if possible you want to do everything you can to avoid the problem altogether.

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