Used Cars that Keep Their Value Over Time


One of the most concerning factors of buying a new car is its almost instantaneous loss of value. In fact, its total depreciation is around 60% in the first five years of ownership. Consider that an excellent reason to look at buying a used vehicle. When researched and done correctly, a used car can be a great deal. However, one of the things you have to look at is cars, trucks and SUVs that hold their value. Some brands, makes and models are more sought after and reliable. They remain popular and stand up to the test of time.

Lexus GS 350

Lexus has long been a top name in the luxury car market, and it’s one that tends to hold excellent value over time. In particular, the GS 350 holds a top spot on many resale value lists. You can expect great mileage, beautiful features and powerful performance with the GS 350.


Overall, Toyota is a brand that holds its value. Each year they have at least one vehicle on the best used car lists. Most recently, Toyota’s more sporty vehicles have been at the top, including the:

  • FJ Cruiser – A midsize SUV land cruiser that eats up all terrains. Because of its scarcity, the FJ Cruiser is a very sought after vehicle. If you can find one, it’s sure to hold its value as it works its way to icon status.
  • 4Runner – The 4Runner has been around for a long time. It’s a midsize SUV that continues to get high ratings from both auto experts and drivers. Known for its outstanding off-road capability, it’s incredibly popular for people who spend the bulk of their time in the great outdoors.

Ford F150

Trucks in general seem to have a high resale value, but the Ford F150 is the most popular. When Ford revamped its reputation it managed to become an industry innovator once again. The F150 continues to improve, adding all sorts of elements that make it a top seller in its class. Other top truck brands on the resale value list are:

  • GMC
  • Chevy
  • Toyota

Chevy Corvette

If you’ve always wanted a sports car, the Corvette still reigns. More than that, it retains its value. The more current Chevy’s boast sleek lines, fantastic technology and performance that will get you 0 to 60 in an instant.

Subaru Forester

Subaru has become the mom and pop vehicle of the current generation. It doesn’t sacrifice interest and ability, and still has room for the whole family. Subaru has made itself more valuable by restricting the number of vehicles they make each year. Their value will most likely depend on if they remain small or decide to go big.

The Master – Honda

Almost since the beginning, Honda has been able to maximize its resale value. Known as one of the most reliable vehicles to own, Hondas keep their value for years. From entry-level subcompacts to the super popular CR-V, Hondas are a great choice for anyone who wants a vehicle with longevity. The top-rated resale models in 2015 were:

  • Fit – A subcompact favorite that appeals to college-age or eco-conscious drivers. The Honda Fit will get you high MPG, some fun tech features and a surprisingly spacious interior.
  • Civic – The Civic remains one of the most reliable vehicles of all time. Once a subcompact, the more current Civics are a more classic-style sedan. It’s great for commuters and comes in several styles, including two-door, four-door and hatchback.
  • Accord – The Accord has become a bit stagnant in its styling, but it is still a solid choice for people who drive a lot and want some extra comfort.
  • CR-V – The CR-V is especially popular with the soccer mom circuit. Considered a compact recreational vehicle, it gets good MPG while allowing people to haul kids, pets and gear around.

Timeline of Used Cars – When does a Vehicle become Too Old?

One essential thing to remember when buying a used car is that there is a time when the vehicle is too old or has too many miles, even if it’s considered “good resale”. The general rule of thumb is to think about safety features. Vehicles after 2007 incorporated stability control in addition to the airbags, making them safer picks. Well over 110,000 miles is typically considered too many.

Benefits of Buying Used

Some of the biggest benefits of buying used are better prices, less depreciation and less “new” car fees. You also have the internet to help you today—you are able to research cars you’re interested in and see if it’s a good deal.

The best resale value for used car makes and models shift and change over time, but there are brands that consistently stay in the top. When you’re looking at purchasing a used vehicle, always look to see what’s trending, or go for a time-honored favorite.

Korey Adekoya works with Shabana Motors in Houston, TX. He runs the Shabana Motors Blog where he writes specifically about fixing bad credit and in-house financing options.


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