How Do You Measure That All Important Value Of Your Car?


Those of us that aren’t all about the flash and the superficial are all about finding great value in a car. We want something that will do more than feel fun and go fast. But how do you determine value? The truth is, in a car, it’s not as easy as giving a single answer. So we’ve decided to break down our definition of ‘value’. To help you get an idea of what to look at when you’re deciding whether or not your car has good value, we’re going to break it down into a few major points. Of course, other factors may add personal value to you, so keep an open mind.

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Of course, the immediate thought that most people are going to have about a car’s value is its value as an asset. That is, how much you can expect to get for it when it comes time to resale. Cars depreciate, there’s no denying that. But there are cars that depreciate faster. There are cars that will always have resale value and those that will plummet. So do your research on a car’s resale value before buying it.

Fuel efficiency

A lot of the value can come through how much you actually pay to keep the car. Cars have a lot of running costs, so finding cars that reduce these can be a great way of adding more value to them. In particular, you’ll most likely be spending a lot of time looking at the fuel efficiency of a car. If you have to stop to buy fuel less often, then you’re getting more value from your car.

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It’s not just fuel, either. If you get a car leased or financed by reputable financiers like Arizona Auto Exchange, you will be required by agreement to get insurance for it. That’s because the financiers or lease-providers want their loan covered in the event of a car getting totalled. But the choice of car you get can actually affect how much insurance you get. As a loose rule, the better the safety features, the more you can expect to knock off the insurance.


Cars are unique in that, when people talk about ‘value for money’, they’re usually talking about retail value. But look at the other assets of appliances you get. When you talk about value for money with those, you’re mostly talking about how long you can use it. So getting read up on how long you can expect a car to hold up for you is another important part of determining its real value.

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Then of course, there’s a more personal indication of value. What exactly can a car do for you? There are a lot of different aspects people look at in determining the utility of a vehicle. How much room does it have? What can it hold? Where can it take you? Like the many other factors of buying a car, utility and value are subjective. The points above might help you decide, but in the end, it’s down to which you value the most.


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