How To Fail Your Driving Test


We all want to succeed the first time we take our test. It’s a badge of honor to pass the first time, and it gives us bragging rights for life. And we don’t want to end up having to pay out a second time for another test, not to mention all the waiting in between.

But all too often, drivers fail to pass their tests. What’s more, it often comes down to the same set of reasons. If you want to fail your driving test, here’s what to do.

Indicate When Moving Out Of A Parked Position

There will probably come a time in your test when the examiner asks you to pull over to the left. The purpose of this maneuver is to make sure that you’re capable of pulling over without mounting the curb.

Usually, test subjects don’t have a problem with this part. The problem comes after they’ve parked. Often learner drivers will indicate to move out of a parked bay if there is traffic approaching from the rear.

This is a bad idea. The examiner will probably fail you for doing this. Why? Because indicating could cause the car coming from the rear to alter their path or slow down, which is potentially dangerous. If the vehicle is a long way away, you can indicate. But if they are up close, don’t. Just wait until the car has gone past before indicating and moving off.

Practice With Generic Companies

Each state has its own unique set of challenges when it comes to driving. And each state issues its own driver’s license. That’s why it’s a good idea to choose instructors who can prepare you for driving in a particular state. This site offers permit test, for example, to people living in the South.

Drivers who want to fail their test won’t get advice from a company with a particular practice program in their state. They’ll just go with a generic offering that may not be as good.

Ride The Clutch

Examiners are looking to see whether you have a good feel for the controls of a car. That means knowing when to depress the clutch, use gears and hold the steering wheel.

But all too often, learner drivers don’t get these aspects of driving right. One of the most common errors is riding the clutch. New drivers often feel a lot more comfortable when their foot is down on the clutch. But doing this excessively will wear it out and result in a fail.

New drivers also often struggle to find the gear while they are at junctions. Being in the wrong gear can cause the car to stall, and result in a fail.

Drive Too Fast

Most examiners want you to be their personal chauffeur. They don’t want you to behave as if it is track day. Approaching junctions too fast can result in a fail if done too often.

But the biggest problem is going over the speed limit. Driving faster than the speed limit for the road will result in a fail. So keep an eye on the speedometer at all times.


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