Vital Evidence I Needed For My Car Accident Claim

I was involved in a serious road traffic collision last year that could have taken my life. A motorist was drunk behind the wheel, and he crashed into me at more than 50 km/h. It might not sound like a fatal speed, but he hit the side of my vehicle and knocked me clean out. Thankfully, the driver realized the seriousness of the situation and helped to ensure I was safe until an ambulance arrived. During the next couple of weeks. I had to compile lots of evidence to support my compensation claim. I’ve taken the time to list it below in the hope of helping others. Any readers who find themselves in a similar situation will have to gather the same items for their case. All good personal injury lawyers — Colorado personal injury law, for examplewill also provide advice on this subject.


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Photographs of the crash site

Zaner Harden attorneys say that photographs are the best evidence for road traffic collisions. Unfortunately, I was far too injured to take snaps of the crash site after the incident occurred. However, the local Police made sure the area was documented. So, I just had to apply to use their pictures. It was a little shocking to see the level of damage to my car. Most of my friends said I was lucky to be alive. I handed the photos over to my personal injury specialist, and he used them as evidence in my case. Even the judge said he was surprised I’d come out of the crash with minor injuries.

Medical reports

I went to the hospital in an ambulance while I was still unconscious. So, I wasn’t able to speak to doctors about medical reports until later on. Even so, I discovered that I only had to pay a small fee to get all the documents I required. They contained even more photographs of my injuries, and they detailed all elements of my treatment. The judge looked through all the information before reaching a decision on my level of compensation. I was also quick to tell him that I had to take two months off work.

Freeway camera footage

Luckily for me, the crash happened on a freeway that is monitored by cameras. That meant I could apply to the authority to get a copy of the footage. The courtroom watched the incident in HD during my case. It was clear the other motorist was swaying all over the road before he collided with my vehicle. His blood alcohol levels were also very high in medical reports. So, the judge was satisfied the accident was not my fault. He said he sees a lot of stupid people who make the same mistakes every day. He then awarded more than $10,000 in compensation.

Learning about the evidence that secured my victory will benefit you in the future. It’s hard to think about compensation-related activities directly after an accident. However, I might never have received adequate payment without it. The basic rule of thumb is that you need as many official reports as possible. If you can get photographic evidence of the event, that’s even better! Try to stay safe guys!