The Secret To Keeping Your Dream Car In Showroom Condition

There’s something incredibly special about a brand new car. The feeling you get when you slide behind the wheel is like nothing else. The engine is brand new, shiny, and purring away under the bonnet. The upholstery is fresh, with that smell of brand new leather. The exterior of the car sparkles in the sunlight, after its professional cleaning and production line paint job.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t take long for that brand new sparkle to fade away. Dirt soon hides the beautiful, shiny paint job. We start to work the engine hard, and that purr turns into a grunt. If you don’t treat your dream car well, things start to go downhill quickly. The good news is that you can do something about it. Here’s how you keep your pride and joy showroom fresh.


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Keep the fluids topped up

One of the biggest reasons for engine failure is avoiding the fluids. As a driver, you need to get under the bonnet every two weeks to check the oil and coolant levels. The oil is your car’s blood; it keeps everything flowing smoothly. When it runs dry or empty, the mechanical parts begin to grind over each other, causing irreversible damage. If you want your car to stay fresh and new, keep the oil in check, and replace when necessary! Next, make sure the coolant is at the correct level, and check for leaks.

Keep the tyres and suspension in check

Your tyres and suspension exist to soak up the impact of the road. Done correctly, and they’ll absorb all the lumps and bumps, keeping the engine fresh and new. Inspecting the tyres is your first job, and it’s something you should do every two weeks. Make sure the tyre pressure is at the recommended level. Secondly check the tread depth to ensure it’s well above the legal limit of 1.6mm.

Regular cleaning and detailing

Now that we’ve taken care of the engine, you can guarantee a long lifespan. Your next job is keeping that exterior shine looking showroom fresh. It’s not easy, because every car at the dealership is treated to a professional cleaning service. You can try to replicate it by careful hand washing, buffing, and waxing. But, if you want our advice, take it for an expert auto detailing service. It’s the only way to keep the inside and out looking brand new.

Keep the mileage low

The mileage figure is the key indicator of a vehicle’s age. It’s also a strict marker of its future value. The more miles you add to the clock, the more value you take away from the car. If you want to keep it in showroom condition for as long as possible, keep an eye on this number. Try to reduce the amount of miles you rack up.

Park it in a garage

Unfortunately, cars are susceptible to weather and external factors. The outdoors will damage the paintwork irreversibly if you don’t keep it in check. The best thing to do is keep it in a garage. Here, it’s less likely to rust or deteriorate.

Follow this advice, and you’ll keep your dream car in showroom condition!