After Reading This, You’ll Want To Buy An Audi A1!

There was once a time where Audi only built cars for the discerning motorist. In other words, you could only get vehicles that were luxurious or had a monstrous engine. Nowadays, Audi caters for many vertical markets.

One such example is the Audi A1. It’s considered by many people as the baby of the family, given its small size compared to the other models. Still, it may surprise you to learn that the Audi A1 isn’t as small a car as you might think. Nor is it underpowered by any stretch of the imagination.


Image via Flickr

Keep reading to learn more about the Audi A1. Just don’t blame me for wanting to buy one after reading this blog post!

It’s better than a Mini

There’s no denying that Audi want to take on BMW by offering a car to compete with the Mini. The A1 is their answer to people that want something different to the familiar hatchback. Now, you might think that I’m making quite a statement by saying it’s “better” than a Mini.

But, if you compare the specs for both vehicles, it is! First of all, there’s more cabin and boot space. Second, there is an impressive choice of engines available. And, third, it’s a more “premium” vehicle than the Mini.

Don’t get me wrong; I’ve nothing against the BMW-built Mini. In fact, I have nothing but praise for it. It’s just that the Audi A1 caters for a different niche. Or, rather, it fills the gap in the market that the BMW Mini hasn’t covered.

You can go as frugal or as powerful as you wish

There are plenty of engine choices available on the Audi A1. If you want to get the cheapest model, look for trim levels that feature the 1.2-litre TSI unit. To be fair, it isn’t as underpowered as you may assume.

I test-drove a new Volkswagen Beetle the other week with the same engine. And, trust me, it’s just as powerful as a non-turbocharged 1.6-litre petrol engine!

For those with a need for speed, there is always the 1.4-litre TFSI engine that boasts 180 horsepower. It’s both turbo and supercharged, and has its sights set on cars like the Mini Cooper S.

The engine is also used in other Volkswagen Group cars, such as the Skoda Fabia vRS and the Volkswagen Golf GTi.

There are many used models for sale

The Audi A1 first went into production back in 2010. That means it’s possible to save a few grand and buy a used model! I recommend checking out a used car supermarket to find a good deal on a quality example.

One fact that will please you is how the Audi A1, like other Audi models, holds its value well. Depreciation doesn’t bite as hard as it does with other marques. That means your A1 will still be worth a respectable amount in a few years.


If you’re in the market for a small hatchback, there are plenty of suitable models in the market. But, if you want a bit of luxury and prestige, consider the Audi A1 for your next car! Thanks for reading today’s review. See you soon!