Budget-Friendly Cars to Keep You Safe


For many people, getting a new car isn’t about flashy gadgets and impressing pedestrians. Getting a new car is about safe transportation. Poorly constructed vehicles with cheap parts are a major cause of accidents. Getting a new car can also cost money. A lot of it. But which car to get? Which one will keep you on the road without breaking the bank? Here’s a smart shopper’s guide to four cars which will give you peace of mind without draining your year’s budget.


Consumer Reports listed this neat little vehicle as one of 2015’s “Safest Cars on the Road.” Here are some of its key features:

  • i-Activsense. This is a group of proactive technologies engineered to keep our roads cozy. Headlights follow point as you steer, giving you a clear view of your path. Rear-vehicle monitoring lets you know if another car is approaching. The car even comes with an alarm system which goes off if there’s danger of a crash.
  • i-Eloop. This state-of-the-art braking system responds to your foot’s movements with precision.
  • Excellent gas mileage. Remember, your initial payment is not the only cost incurred when getting a car. Good gas mileage will save you money every couple of weeks. The Mazda3  


Subaru XV Crosstrek

This compact car is another favorite of Consumer Reports. With these neat attributes, it’s no wonder young families are flocking to Subaru:

  • EyeSight Driver Assist. This helps you pay attention to traffic, keep aware of your place in the lane, and stay at a reasonable speed.
  • Vehicle Dynamics Control. This responsive system gives you a sensitive, controlled ride.
  • Seven Airbags. You read that right. Seven of them. The XV Crosstrek has airbags to protect all you all over. And sensors help the car decide which ones to deploy.

Honda Fit

This 2015 model made the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety’s 2015 “Top Safety Picks.” Honda has always had a good reputation for safety and affordability, and this small car keeps the tradition alive. Here’s what it’s got:

  • Full Airbag System. Like the Crosstrek, the Honda Fit has a sophisticated, multi-airbag system designed to protect passengers precisely, varying its deployment depending on the accident.
  • Affordability. The Fit made The U.S. News’s Best New Cars For the Money list in 2015.
  • Anti-lock Brakes. Nothing flashy here, but a good anti-lock brake system could save your life.

Chevrolet Spark

It’s small. It’s fuel-efficient. It’s safe. What more could you ask for? The Chevrolet Spark delivers exactly what you’re looking for in a safe, affordable vehicle.

  • Electronic Stability Control. This system, which kicks in automatically, will help you stay where you want to be, and avoid where you don’t want to be. Get total control.
  • Resilience. The Spark has earned very high marks in crash tests. You want to be protected in case anything goes wrong.
  • RemoteLink Key Fob. Lock and unlock your car from miles away. There’s more to safety than simple defensive driving. With the Spark, you can have peace of mind knowing your car is secure, even if you forget to lock it right after getting out.  




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