4 Ways To Make More Money From A Quick Used Car Sale

TVR-Tuscan-2001-4.0L-V8Sometimes, we all need to sell our car quickly. Whether it’s to put some money towards a new vehicle or pay off some debts, getting rid of your current car is an excellent way to free up cash. But, in the rush to sell, you may not be maximizing your potential takings. So, we thought of a few different ways that you can improve your chances of getting the best price for a quick sale – here’s what you need to do.

Sell ‘As Is’

Of course, the quickest way of selling your car is to find someone who wants it as it is. If you’re happy to do this, then be sure to investigate the maximum amount you can expect. Look at the Kelley Blue Book to see how much similar cars are going for, and then subtract relevant numbers for any damages to the inside or body. Once you make yourself aware of your top price, you will be in a better position to haggle with your local trade-in company or an auction house. Check out our guide to finding people that will buy your car quickly for more info.

Get It Cleaned

If you have a dirty and messy car, then alarm bells are going to start ringing with any potential buyer. Clean it and make it look spotless to get people in a more positive frame of mind. If you don’t have the time yourself, then look at getting it cleaned by a professional. Car cleaning companies like autocaretulsa.com don’t cost a great deal, and they will help you get the most out of your sale. Any potential buyer will want to think that the vehicle has been looked after and cared for in the correct manner, and any hint of filth could cause them to believe otherwise.

Fix Minor Damages

Any significant damage to your car probably isn’t worth attending to if you are going for a quick sale. It’s unlikely you will find a mechanic who will be able to fix it in a short period, and it is also doubtful that you will get your money back anyway. However, minor damages like scratches, small dents and chipped windscreens can all be looked at and repaired quickly and easily. It doesn’t cost a lot, either, so is worth the small investment you will need to make.

Get Paperwork Ready

A wise car buyer will always ask to see the car’s documents. So, get your registration papers, vehicle history, and owner’s manual together to show them the second they ask. If you have lost any of them, make sure you have found them – or at the very least contact the garages that you know have worked on the vehicle. They might be able to supply with any relevant info. You are more likely to sell a damaged car with an honest set of documents than a good car without them. People like to know what they are buying, and if there’s no history, it can put a lot of them off.

Hope this has helped – good luck with the sale!

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