Sexy or Deadly – Are Fast Cars Safe?

Sexy or Deadly - Are fast Cars SafeWatching a fast car rev by while you are driving your family car down the highway is both exhilarating and saddening. Many would love the thrill of getting in the driver’s seat of that gorgeous sports car and watching the world go by. Surely many may also console themselves by thinking that owning a fast car is an unsafe proposition. Rather surprisingly, it has been noticed that fast cars are quite safe. Surprisingly, some may even be safer than a basic car.

Better Safety Features:

The sports cars being manufactured today come equipped with a range of safety features. The very nature of sports cars makes them safer. Of course, the same cannot be said about the driver. A sports car will have a better braking system and its handling will be more nimble as well. These cars also possess a lower center of gravity than most cars, and the tires and suspension grip the road better. This means that one can make difficult evasive maneuvers with sports cars better than a truck or an average car, which in the same scenario would likely flip over or skid. Sports cars come with added features such as electronic stability and antilock brakes making them less prone to becoming wrecks during collisions.

The Safest Sports Cars:

Manufacturers are taking more precautions when designing and producing fast cars these days. After all, they want you to be safe even when you are enjoying the speed of the cars. That can be quite surprising to most, as many do not think manufacturers take safety into account when creating blistering fast cars. The Dodge Charger is one of these cars. Considered to be one of the better muscle cars in the market, this car can handle collisions very well. The thick chassis will absorb most of the impact keeping its occupants safe. The Tesla Model S is quite fast for an electric car and it is widely considered to be the safest car to drive. Other safe sports cars include Mitsubishi Lancer and Acura RLX.

The Most Dangerous Sports Cars:

While there are sports cars which can keep you safe, there are others which are dangerous. Their safety ratings may either be poor or they may not have adequate features for improving the handling or braking. Driving them is a risk in itself. According to statistics, the Nissan 350Z has been noticed to be among the most unsafe cars for driving. Of course, it is quite fast but it has also been in the most accidents. This car has consistently topped the most dangerous cars lists. The Hyundai Tiburon was also considered to be a rather unsafe car. Others include the Ferrari 458 Italia.

On a positive note, more and more manufacturers are ensuring that their sports cars are just as safe as they are fast. Moreover, better technologies and systems are being developed to protect the driver and the passengers from injury during high speed collisions. There might come a day when one can remain completely safe even while driving at thrice the speed limit. Nonetheless, the safety of the car will always be dependent on the skills of the driver.

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