Touch My Car and You Die!

car got prankedHaving a car is not a luxury any more, but a simple must, and it may be true that only people without cars see the true value of these vehicles. But, there is another important issue that is rarely addressed: Do other people appreciate your car as well? A lot of money and time is invested in it, and it is more than a simple thing that gets you from point A to point B. So what people need to understand is, that a car is not just a vehicle – it is a part of a man’s life and the biggest value they have. There are numerous situations where someone’s bad attitude towards your car is shown, so here are some of those and how you can handle them.

Car Pranks:
People who are trying to be funny do not limit their misfired creativity to April Fools’ Day, but tend to manifest it throughout the year. Most car pranks are considered harmless and innocent, while some are definitely not.

For example, you can find your car covered in paint, your license plate removed, or ultimately, the entire vehicle moved to the other side of the road, leaving you in wonder whether you actually parked it there or not. However, these pranks can go wrong, so you might find your side window broken, your hood dented or your rims smashed. What people performing these pranks do not realize is that even a single look at a pranked car causes major stress to the owner, and even though nothing is really wrong, they will react emotionally. This can affect their physical and mental health, so car pranks are often not as lighthearted as they sound.

Loan Went Wrong:
If you loan your car to a friend, you expect them to treat it as their own and handle it carefully and with respect, but that does not always happen. Due to various circumstances, your car can break down or get involved in an accident at any given moment, and that may easily be while it is in possession of another person. So what to do then?

Car loaded with options you never thought ofWhen your car is a status symbol you identify with, it is quite painful to come on terms with problems that are not caused by you. If a loaned car gets into an accident or something happens, the liability and the question of who pays the damages is usually determined by whether your car is insured or not– if yes, the insurance company takes care of it; if not, the driver, i.e. the person who borrowed it does. However, no amount of money can heal the owner’s broken heart and provide enough comfort if the car is destroyed or if it is a very exclusive car whose parts are impossible to obtain.

Deliberate Disrespect:
When someone damages your car on purpose, there is nothing much you can do except express your rage verbally. Cars that have been keyed all over the side or tires slashed with a knife are the worst things a car enthusiast can see. Especially if you have expensive rims or custom wheels that are made especially for you! Just imagine the amount of money that has been invested, and all you are left with is stress and anger. Moreover, these kinds of problems are not supposed to happen and actually occur due to someone’s arrogance, which makes it even more pointless.

The Outcomes:
More examples of car-related stressful occurrences can be found – someone taking your parking spot, drivers not respecting signs and traffic lights, people making spiteful comments about your car, etc. And all these lead to emotional outbursts and issues that have to be dealt with. What people do not realize is that some men are attached to their cars more than others, and everything wrong happening to it is felt more deeply and emotionally, especially in case of accidents. So please, do not touch my car!

* Written by Thomas James

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