The Five Biggest Car Buying Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

Anyone who’s ever stepped foot in a car dealership knows that buying a car isn’t easy. Finding the perfect car at the right price is a tricky business. And that’s before you’ve entered into negotiations with the dealer!

When buying a car, you need to get the best deal possible and drive away with the car you wanted. We’ve seen some huge mistakes in our time and that’s what we’re exploring today. We’ll reveal the five biggest car buying mistakes so you can avoid them.

1. Failing to research

Entering the dealership without doing your research is the biggest mistake you can make. You need to arm yourself with all the confidence and knowledge you possibly can. If you have your eye on a Lexus, do your research on the Inchcape Lexus website. Brush up on all the stats, prices and extras you need to know. You need to be able to spot a good deal and pursue the right car. Understand how the extras and engine choices alter the price for example.

2. Choosing the wrong priorities

When you look to buy a new car, it’s really important that you prioritise your needs. Look at your lifestyle and assess exactly what you need from your car. Do you spend the majority of your time out on the motorway? Is fuel economy your main priority or power and speed? Only when you know exactly what you want from your vehicle can you narrow down the models. If you go in without this, you could end getting talked into something you don’t need.

3. Not taking a test drive

No matter how great a car looks on paper, you must always take advantage of the test drive. Don’t feel pressured or rushed here. Spend as much time as you need out on the road. Drive the car as you would normally. Push it hard to see how it handles and brake fast to test the response. Take the car out onto the motorway and into the heart of the city. Get a feel for how it responds to different driving aspects. You always know which car is right for you after a test drive.

4. Failing to negotiate

Haggling isn’t something that comes naturally to everyone. However, in the dealership, a little negotiating can go a long way. Always remember that the dealer wants to make the sale. Most customers who ask for a discount actually get one! The worst they can say is ‘no’. And at least you tried. Many negotiators will get up to 10-15% discount on their new purchase so it’s worth trying for that low cost.

5. Rushing and blowing the budget

Buying a car is not something that should be done in a hurry. Take your time and try a number of dealerships before you make a decision. Most important of all, stick to your budget. Cars are expensive. Buying them, financing the monthly payments and paying for the cost of upkeep all adds up. Make sure you have a budget and stick to it.

Avoid these five huge mistakes and you’ll be driving away with the perfect car in no time. Best of luck!

* Picture from Rick Nacmias.

Author: DrivenAutos

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