5 Reasons Why You Should Upgrade to a 4×4

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4x4s have a pretty bad reputation nowadays. People seem to take against the idea of 4x4s being driven on the roads. A lot of people are simply afraid of the big behemoth in their rear-view mirror. Others are just being judgmental because they view them as gas-guzzlers. But there are plenty of good reasons to own one, and some good arguments for 4x4s that don’t often get heard. In many cases, and for many reasons, 4x4s are better than small cars. Saying that all 4x4s are bad is a very simplistic view to take. Like many stereotypes, they aren’t really based on truth. Here are 5 great reasons why your next car should be a 4×4!

1. You Get a Lot of Space

One of the best things about 4x4s is their size. And with all that size, comes a lot of space, it’s simple physics. If you’re looking for more room, that’s exactly what you’ll get from a 4×4. This is one reason a lot of people don’t like them, but if you’re inside them, you won’t be complaining.

If you have a big family, a 4×4 is the obvious answer to your problems. Try fitting a large family into a family sedan, and you won’t get very far. For a lot of families, a 4×4 is the only option.

2. They’re Very Safe

One of the biggest concerns about big 4x4s is the damage they can do to pedestrians that are hit by them. And this is a valid concern, that’s why they should be driven with extreme care.

But one of the things people often neglect to mention is the fact that they are much safer when involved in a crash with another car. The size of the 4×4 is then of great help. And I’m sure keeping your family safe in the car is of great importance to you.

3. Some 4x4s Are Environmentally Friendly

4x4s have a reputation for being cars that are harmful to the environment. That’s not necessarily true though.

A lot of 4×4 manufacturers are now focusing on ways to make their vehicles more fuel efficient. For example, the Range Rover Evoque can do nearly 60 miles per gallon and has very low carbon dioxide emission levels.

4. They Can Handle the City

People often assume that 4x4s can’t handle city streets. And yes, they are big, which isn’t a huge advantage when you’re trying to navigate the city.

But the latest 4x4s and SUVs are equipped with the latest technologies that make getting around the city simple. They have sensors to stop collisions when squeezing into tight spaces. And a lot of them now use multiple cameras that feed back to the display on your dashboard.

5. They’re Not all Expensive

As I mentioned above, some models like the Range Rover Evoque can do a lot of miles to the gallon, which a lot of people wouldn’t expect from such big cars.

They don’t have to be expensive to buy either. You can pick up a good quality 4×4 from a second-hand car dealership for very good prices nowadays. So, don’t let the thought of paying a lot of money put you off, some are very cheap.

These are just some of the arguments for owning a 4×4. There are a lot of people talking about why you shouldn’t, so hopefully this has given you a new perspective.

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