The Safest Cars On The Planet


Volvo V-40When car buyers make a list of priorities, safety is often the top concern. For families, there is nothing more important than the safety and security of your children. Our roads are dangerous places and you can’t always predict what other drivers will do. You can invest in a strong, reliable car, however. That’s why so many families opted for the larger SUVs. But, are they the safest when put to the test? We looked through the Euro NCAP safety ratings and pulled together a complete list of the safest cars.

Volvo V40

Surprise, surprise, the safest car on the planet is not a 4×4. It’s not a big car at all, it’s not even a saloon. The Volvo V40 is a hatchback and – according to Euro NCAP ratings – the safest in the world. It scored nearly 100 in every category. Our friends at tell us it’s become one of their most popular cars as a result. The real genius is in the safety assist category. The V40 has an intelligent braking system. It perceives danger and applies braking well before human instinct could take over.

Mercedes C Class

Mercedes have always had an eye for luxury. Yet they are also synonymous with safety. Their cars consistently register impressive results on the Euro NCAP testing ground. The C Class is no different. It scored highly in adult and child protection categories. However, its highlight is the drowsy-alert system. The car can sense when a driver is losing control through drowsiness. It will alert the driver and suggest a break!

Land Rover Discovery Sport

The Discovery is the first of the 4x4s on this list. Not only is it the safest SUV on the planet, it’s probably the best. It recently replaced the aging Freelander and brought Land Rover into the 21st century. It is a truly fantastic vehicle off road; after all, that’s what it was built for. However, it also makes the perfect family car. It scored particularly highly for adult and child protection.

Volkswagen Passat

When it comes to executive saloon cars and estates, the VW Passat is the best of the bunch. Similar competitors are the Ford Mondeo and the Audi A4, but the Passat comes out on top. Again, this is another precision built car. It is nearly top of its class across the board, but it certainly excels in safety.

Nissan Qashqai

The Qashqai has become one of the regulars on the school run. It’s the go-to family SUV, and with good reason. No car performed better in the category of child protection. If you have little ones in your life, there is no better protection than the Qashqai.

Jeep Renegade

When it comes to safety, size matters. That’s why you find the Jeep Renegade on the list. It is solid, large and will withstand serious collisions. The Renegade is the compact version, designed specifically for families. It has been reinforced with this in mind.

There is nothing more important than safety when it comes to choosing a family car. With the unpredictable road conditions, it’s worth investing in the safety of your car. Choose one of the vehicles on this list and you’ll be ready to take on the roads!


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