11 Awesome Ways to Help You Pass Your Driving Test


driving school student mistakeIf you’re young and you want some freedom and independence you’ve probably decided you want to drive. This will also improve your social prospects a lot. But if you’re serious about becoming a driver you’re going to have to pass the dreaded driving test. This is enough to strike fear into the hearts of most aspiring drivers.

It can be a nerve-wracking experience learning to drive and taking your driving test. And you need to make sure you prepare yourself the best way you possibly can. Preparation is vital in this situation, so here’s an awesome guide to help you pass your driving test.

1. Get Your Provisional License

First step on the path to driver-hood is to apply for a provisional license. You’ll need one of these to allow you to start learning to drive. The process is quite simple, and the DVLA should send you forms to fill out. You’ll need to be over the age of 17, and you’ll have to have some passport sized photos at the ready.

2. Start Taking Lessons

Once you get sent your provisional license, you’re now ready to begin the learning process. So you can go out and start taking lessons now. You’ll need to make a decision about the type of driving instructor you want. Or the type of driving school you want to visit. Bear in mind that driving lessons are expensive, so you need to get this right first time. Consult your friends who drive and see who they used for lessons and what the experience was like.

3. Get Your Own Car

If you’ve got one eye on the future, you may decide you want to get your own car. This will prove to be a useful investment. And getting one at this stage might help show you the importance of money and the expense of running a car. If you can get yourself a car while you’re still learning to drive, it’ll prepare you for the experience of being a driver.

4. Practice in Your Own Car

One of the best things about having your own car is that you’ll be able to practice in it. If you have a provisional license and you’re still learning, you can go out driving without your instructor. As long as you have a qualified driver in the car with you at the time you can take your car out and practice. Take a parent with you and ask them to teach you to drive safely. This helps you get used to driving your car, so once you pass your test you’ll be familiar behind the wheel of your own vehicle.

5. Book Theory Test

Once you’ve had a few lessons and been out a few times in your car, you can think about taking your theory test. The theory test will involve questions about the process of driving and the hazards you might encounter as a driver. Find a local DSA theory test test centre where you can take the test. The good news is you can continue taking lessons even while you’re taking your theory test.

6. Take Some More Lessons for Confidence

After you’ve passed your theory test, you’ll no doubt be high on confidence. The first part of the test process is out of the way, and you passed. Well done! Now is the perfect time to take some more lessons. Even if you think you’re ready right away to dive into the practical test make sure you take some more lessons. This will make you even more confident and experienced.

7. Pencil in Practical

Now you’re ready. Take the plunge and pencil in your practical. You can book it for a few weeks in advance, This will give you plenty of time to take a few more lessons and brush up on the theoretical side. It also allows you time to prepare yourself in a physical and emotional sense. You might think about booking in your practical at the same test centre you did your theory test. The familiar surrounding might help you.

8. Brush up on Revision

Once the practical has been penciled in it’s time to cross the t’s and dot the i’s. It’s important for you to brush up on what you know. This means revising what you went over in the theory test. You should also try to highlight anything you struggle with or aren’t confident about. Get your instructor to focus on these areas with you in the build up to the test. This will build your confidence and make the process more natural.

9. Get Enough Rest

It’s important to make sure you get enough rest in the run up to your practical. You need to have a healthy body and a healthy mind. And the best way you can do this is to get enough rest. Try to get to bed at a reasonable hour each night. Make sure you eat right and get enough exercise. If you start to do this a few weeks before the test your body will adapt. As a result, you feel refreshed, alert and strong, and you’ll be in the perfect position to pass your test.

10. Remain Calm

driving school instructor and studentIt’s vital that you try to remain calm and collected during your test. Of course, it’s going to be a nerve-wracking experience. And it’ll be easy to freak out or panic if you forget something or you make a mistake. Try to avoid this. If you can stay calm and keep a clear head, you’re going to be in a much better position to complete the test properly. You should find the process much less stressful, and if you can do all this you shouldn’t have any problems passing.

11. Celebrate!

Okay, so this isn’t really a way to help you pass because you already have! But it’s important to recognize your achievement. You passed! Well done! Give yourself a pat on the back. You’re now a qualified driver, and you can enjoy all the freedom and perks that come with that. But for now go out and celebrate. Go for a drink or a meal with friends and family and celebrate the fact that you passed. That was a big step in your life, and you aced it because you’re awesome!

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