Read This First Before You Go Out And Buy A Used Car!

Funny looking VW BugMany people find that buying a used car is a bit like playing roulette. You can assume that you will benefit from the deal because you think one outcome will occur. But, in reality, the opposite sometimes happens! There are some steps you can take before you go car shopping. A little planning can make all the difference in finding the one that will really make you happy.

When you buy a used car, regardless of its value, you will assume the seller isn’t offering you an old clunker. So, the question remains, how you can make sure you don’t end up with a lemon?

Keep reading to find out how to buy a used car without making a big (and expensive) mistake!

Make a shortlist of favorite models before you even shop for a car:

Some people just go out and buy a car because they think it looks nice. But once they start driving it each day, they hate it! To avoid this problem, make a shortlist of autos that you believe you will be happy to own.

Take some of them out for a test drive, even if you don’t intend on buying them. The point of the task is to make sure you list cars that you could own and drive for many years without issue.

Get insurance quotes

You might be able to afford to buy a car, but can you afford the insurance? The last thing you want to do is purchase a car and have it sit on your driveway because the insurance is too expensive!

Sites like can give you quotes on the cars you want to buy. They will usually ask about your driving history. So if you’ve been a bad driver in recent years, expect to pay higher insurance rates!

In general, cars with smaller engines are cheaper to insure than gas guzzlers with V8 engines. And used cars with a high ticket price will also be expensive to insure. Set your sights to what you can realistically afford.

Think about fuel economy

Gas mileage is a major bugbear for many motorists. We know that gas prices are cheaper than in say Europe, for example. But our gas prices are more expensive today than they were five years ago.

Meanwhile, many people’s income hasn’t increased much, if at all. It is important to think about how good your next dream car’s gas mileage will be. Websites like Edmunds can help you to determine what your likely gas mileage is for the car you want.

And, if the used car you want is only five or fewer years old, you might be able to find out on the car maker’s website.

Buy from reputable dealers

Are you planning on buying your car from a dealership? If so, make sure the place you go to is legitimate. By law, dealers have a legal duty to sell roadworthy cars that don’t have a “hidden” history.

There isn’t much in the way of comeback if you buy from an unscrupulous private seller, for instance. That’s why it’s best to stick with trustworthy dealers.

By following the above tips, you will end up with a good deal on a used car.

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