Baby On Board: Practical Tips To Help You Buy The Best Car For Your Growing Family


baby sleeping in car seatWhen looking for a new car for your family, there are lots of things to consider. It needs to be practical, reliable, comfortable, reasonably priced and affordable to run. With all these elements to consider, it can be a confusing purchase to make. You are doing the right thing by doing your homework and following advice. Here are some practical tips to help you buy the best car for your growing family.


Most modern family cars are very safe. However, if you are concerned there is a lot of professional information on safety ratings and reviews of manufacturers and models online.

Easy access

The car you choose should be easy to access. The doors need to be safe and easy to use. This will ensure taking babies and young children out the car and putting them back in again is a straightforward process. The boot will be opened and shut on a regular basis in order to store buggies, shopping and other belongings so it is important that it is uncomplicated.

A car that has plenty of height will give you more room and will make it easier to manoeuvre young children and babies in and out.

It is a good idea to look for cars with doors that open wide, again in order to make it easier for everyone to get in and out. Some models have sliding doors that will give you plenty of space.


The storage space in your car will need to be big enough to accommodate prams, school bags, shopping, etc. It is important that there is plenty of room. Having things wedged in will not be helpful if you forget that you need space for the shopping.

It is preferable that the pram fits in the boot without having to take the wheels of as this will save you a considerable amount of time and effort.


It is a good idea to opt for a family car with a dark interior as anything light is likely to get grubby very quickly.

It is also helpful to go for a car with plenty of neat interior storage like under seat containers and pockets on the back of seats. Family cars have a habit of getting very messy and handy storage like this will make it easier to keep your family car tidy.

How much to spend?

Work out your budget for the car and how much you can afford for the running costs. Once you have these figures, you can start to look for cars within your budget.

Get an idea of prices of your preferred models online before going to view cars. For example, searching for new or used Toyotas for sale to see what you can get for your money and to avoid being overcharged.

Where to buy?

Make sure you buy from a reputable garage. Do some research online before you visit garages. It helps to get a recommendation so ask other families if they can suggest a business to you.


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