The Top 5 Family Hatchbacks


ford-focusHaving a reliable family car is a must for many families. Once you have loaded in your precious cargo, you want to make sure that your car is fit for purpose. With such a wide range of family hatchbacks to choose from, it can be difficult to know which car is best. Luckily for you, this guide will help you find the best family hatchback on the market.

Here are the top five family hatches.

1. VW Golf

The Golf has managed to shake off its boy racer image and were fast becoming a popular car with families. The safety features are synonymous with VW and its packed full of added features that make it an excellent car. Despite its small stature, there is plenty of room for the family. Legroom is always a bonus on long road trips. VW Golf is an affordable option for many. Plus, you are guaranteed a sturdy, reliable car for years to come.

2. Ford Focus

The Ford Focus has been a firm family favourite for many years now. The redesigns and image changes have seen it propel to dizzy heights. The great thing is, is that it comes in many different guises. There is a 1.0 litre for the fuel efficient types. This can see a lot of savings for families on a budget. What is more, there is a supercharged turbo version for those that have a need for speed, as well as safety. Motorpoint has an extensive range of Fords in stock and can give you expert advice on this great family car.

3. Seat Leon

The three-door version of the Leon is proving to be a hit with families that have older children. Once you are past the pushchair stage, you want a fun car that handles well. The Seat Leon provides this. It looks great, and it handles like a dream. It pushes the limits at 148BHP, so it’s safe and reliable for all families.

4. Mazda 3

While Mazda has had something of a negative press, it has redeemed itself with the Three. The five-door family hatch is not only practical and spacious, but it provides excellent for money. It has multimedia technology in its interior to improve the overall drive of the car. It has both value and style in abundance. With added tech features, it proves to be a huge success with the family demographic.

5. Peugeot 308

The 308 is a favorite car, and its safety features are making it a hit with families. It has a new platform which enhances the quality of the overall drive. It is quiet, light and fuel efficient. For savvy families, it is proving to save a lot of money. What is more, it looks good too. It is leaner and lighter than its predecessors that have a massive impact on lowering fuel consumption. It is also fitted with the advanced technology that people crave. In short, it’s proving to be a great car at a reasonable price.

*Ford Focus SEL picture by LotPro Cars.


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