How To Spot A Shady Car Salesman

car salesman making a deal with a customerIf there is one thing that people hate about buying cars, it’s that they have to deal with sales people! The automotive industry is notorious for having shady car salesmen. I should point out that not all car salesmen are dodgy!

For the most part, you won’t encounter car salesmen that use high-pressure sales tactics. But what should you do if you are unlucky enough to come across one? Some people would just walk away, even though it can be difficult to escape their clutches.

Are you inexperienced when it comes to spotting shady car salesmen? If so, you won’t be after you read this blog post! Here is how you can spot them:


The trouble starts when a shady car salesman makes assumptions before he’s even spoken to you! Let’s say that you walk into a luxury car dealership, and you are wearing a pair of shorts, a T-shirt and some sandles.

A shady salesman might assume that you are a waste of time as you aren’t dressed like you have a lot of money to spend on a car. Without talking to you, he won’t know that you earn a six-figure salary in your day job!

It’s reasonable for car salesmen to make assumptions about you, but only after they know a bit more about you and what you want out of a car. In fact, the salesmen at reputable dealerships such as the Carco Group will help you to decide on a specific make and model. But only after they’ve had a chat with you first!


Another red flag that you have come across a shady car salesman is if the one you encounter is sexist. It’s a sad fact that the car industry is still male-dominated.

A lot of dodgy car salesmen treat female car buyers as if they were stupid and knew nothing about cars. Women are just as capable of buying cars as men are. And there are plenty of female car drivers that know more about the cars they want to buy than the salesmen do!

Shady car salesmen put themselves in the firing line by suggesting females buy specific cars. Usually, it’s because they are more “female-friendly.”

The guilt trip

It’s quite rare to come across car salesmen that give customers the guilt trip over a car, thank goodness! But, as rare as it is, it still happens today.

If a salesman tells you that you need to buy a car from him today, or he’ll get fired, it can mean one of two things. First, he’s lying (the common reason). Second, he’s rubbish at selling cars, and he may well get fired soon!

No matter how sympathetic you might be, don’t let your heart rule your head when it comes to buying a car. Stand your ground, and don’t let yourself get talked into anything.

You can ask to deal with another car salesman, or you could walk out of the showroom and take your custom elsewhere.

I hope you have enjoyed today’s article. Thanks for reading it!

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