Why a Kia Venga is the Perfect First Car For New Drivers

Red Kia Venga 1.4New drivers, the world over, dread their first foray into buying a car. Unless, they are avid petrol heads, the chances are that as a new driver you know very little about cars. Aside from this, new drivers are stung with the high insurance premiums. Little wonder it is a terrifying voyage.

There is good news for new drivers. This comes in the form of the Kia Venga. It is a great little car with amazing capabilities. What is more, it comes at a great price. There is a reason that the Kia Venga is fast becoming the new driver’s car of choice. Here is why:

The Kia Venga: The Basics

GK Group has stated that many new drivers are opting for the Kia Venga when they have passed their test. What is more, from new, you can have seven year’s warranty on the car. This is how reliable Kia believes its car is.

The Kia Venga is living proof that you don’t have to spend an enormous amount of money to get a fantastic car. What is more, due its size, you can get a great deal on your insurance premiums too. This is superb news for the new driver. The car is compact, yet roomy. It has plenty of legroom but is still small enough for the nervous new driver. For those new drivers with families, this is the perfect car. The boot is spacious, and the back seats provide plenty of room for little ones.

The Specifications

Many people are coveting the 1.4 CRDi. This is because the car, despite the relatively low engine size, is still pretty nippy. You can get the 1.4 in both petrol and diesel. What is more, they pack a punch with 89BHP. The manual gearbox is a must for any new driver. After all, you don’t want to become complacent with automatic. The entry level 1 is a must for any new driver. Anything above this capacity could be screaming for an accident. Stick with the entry level 1 model as a new driver and appreciate the car.

The Design

The car is not entirely sleek. However, its boxy design is becoming more and more popular with smaller cars. The box like design does not compromise the look of the car. In fact, it is a great looking vehicle. The Kia Venga is both appealing to the eye and fun to drive. What more could you want from a car?

In Summary

The Kia is becoming something of a favorite brand with many new drivers. The Kia is not considered a ‘sporty’ brand. So, a lot of new drivers are finding that they can have a great insurance deal with this car. The Venga is becoming a firm favourite. Small, compact and fun to drive, it is a new driver’s car of choice. The great thing is, is that the Kia Venga can be purchased at a low price too. In short, it is easy to see why the Kia Venga is fast-becoming a popular car.

Photo by Loubeat.

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