Mercedes-Benz: Why This Car Brand Now Appeals To The Under-60s


SLS-AMG-RoadsterThe Mercedes-Benz brand has been around for over 88 years now, and its roots date back to 1883. A German car maker, Mercedes-Benz is often associated with luxury, high performance and innovation.

They are quite impressive credentials. But the firm has struggled to shake off its image as being a car maker for “older” drivers! For the past three or so decades, Mercedes-Benz cars were often driven by people over 60 years of age. And the few owners that were younger tended to be business executives.

You might be reading this blog post and thinking I am somewhat stereotypical. But I am basing my comments on facts rather than opinions. An amazing thing has happened – Mercedes-Benz cars are now cool again!

Car makers have realised that people want to see fresh, modern and innovative designs on the latest cars on the markets. Mercedes-Benz was slow to acknowledge this fact. But they have now given their entire line-up a revamp.

I know that people don’t buy cars just for style, but the design of the car will influence all buying decisions. Back in the day, people bought Mercs because they wanted German, luxurious and powerful cars.

I recently visited the showroom, and a sexy A-Class hatchback caught my attention. I had gone down there to look at an Audi A3 hatchback for sale. But when I saw the A-Class I fell in love with it immediately and decided to buy that instead!

Go and check out the Mercedes-Benz website. You will see just how attractive that and the other models currently in production are!

Should I go and buy a “cool” Mercedes-Benz?

If you want to buy a car, you should do so based on your specific needs. But yes, if you want to buy a luxury car that looks stylish and modern, you should consider a Mercedes-Benz car!

The brand is moving away from its “cautious” approach to styling and refinement. Mercedes-Benz is embracing the 21st century with open arms.

If anything, future models will dazzle motorists even more with new features and styling cues. I don’t see the German car maker returning to its safe and comfortable “in the box” way of thinking.

But one thing that will never change is its approach to innovation – and this is a good thing. Mercedes-Benz can boast many automotive firsts. One of the most-famous firsts for the company is that they invented the modern ABS system used in most of today’s cars. I bet you didn’t know that!

What else makes Mercedes-Benz cool these days?

Car makers often get involved in all sorts of motor-related activities. Mercedes-Benz has made significant investments in motorsport since the 1950s. The Mercedes AMG Petronas Formula One Team have their own cars in F1.

Mercedes AMG High Performance Powertrains is their sister company. They supply engines to the Williams F1 team.

You might not know this, but the German firm are even involved in the sport of golf! They get involved in the Masters and the Open Championship.

I hope you have enjoyed reading today’s blog post. Thanks for reading!

Photo Credit: shanes_stuff via Flickr.


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