Extreme Ways of Lowering Your Car’s Fuel Consumption


Stripped out interior dashboardRising fuel costs is one of the main drawbacks to owning a car in today’s modern world. Despite the fact that many of the world’s top economies are showing signs of steady growth following the aftermath of recessions, people’s wages are not in line with the true cost of living.

In other words, people are having to spend more money filling their tanks up with petrol or diesel, and yet have to make sacrifices in other areas of their lives in order to keep their cars on the road!

We often of people giving us helpful hints on how to increase our car’s fuel economy by driving slower or avoiding driving during rush-hour traffic.

But there are also some extreme ways of increasing your car’s fuel economy that you probably won’t hear them mention! Check out these crackers:

Strip your interior

We are all used to driving around in relative luxury, with leather seats for maximum butt comfort, padded door panels to block out road noise and carpets to stop any draughts coming up from the bottom of the car.

However, if lower fuel consumption is a higher priority to you, go outside and rip out your car’s interior!

All you need is your driver’s seat and seatbelt; the other seats can be removed, as can the roof lining, most of the dashboard and controls, and any sound-proofing material stuck to the various interior body panels!

Ditch your air conditioning

The air conditioning compressor, pipework and other associated items can weigh your car down. Who needs air conditioning when you can just open the window?

Make sure that you know what you are doing when removing your air conditioning system, as you could potentially have 100% fuel economy because you can’t drive your now-broken car!

Remove your power steering

Virtually all cars come with power steering as standard now. But if a non-power steering variant of your car was ever produced, consider taking your power steering rack out of the car and installing a “normal” rack in its place.

As a by-product, this move will also help you to build up your arm muscles – perfect for those of you that want to “buff” up!

Coast downhill

I don’t advocate doing this for the obvious safety implications (i.e. lack of brake servo assistance) but if you are traveling somewhere and the journey is mostly downhill, turn your engine off and just coast down to the bottom.

The fuel savings might not be mind-blowing, but you’ll certainly be helping Mother Earth by reducing your carbon footprint!

Buy a better car

Alternatively, if you don’t want to drive around in a potentially unsafe shell on wheels, you could just trade your thirsty car in for a newer model that is better on fuel!

The showrooms of car dealers such as www.swcarsales.co.uk are full of vehicles that are good on fuel thanks to advancements in modern engine technology. For example, some of Ford’s EcoBoost engines may only have three cylinders but they are more powerful and better on fuel than the older 1.6 Zetec engines!

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