An Expert Guide To Selling Your Car Privately


Honda NSXHave you got your eyes on some hot sports car, such as the Honda NSX? Is the only thing standing in your way the car you drive at the moment? If so, you will obviously be keen to sell your car as quickly as possible and for the most amount of money.

We all know that trading in our existing cars at dealerships will not give us the best amount of money for use towards our new cars, and so the only option open to us is to sell our cars privately.

The trouble is, some people fail at selling cars, and in those situations the only person that benefits is usually the person that bought your car!

That’s why you must be a smart seller; by following these top tips, you too can be a smart seller and command a decent price for your car!

Give your car a makeover

Appearance is everything when you sell a car, and even if your car is mechanically perfect people won’t pay you top dollar for your car if it looks like it’s just been doing doughnuts on a muddy field!

On that note, you will need to devote a significant amount of your time cleaning your car. The stages that you need to follow are as follow:

  1. Clean the exterior;
  2. Clean the wheels;
  3. Clean the interior;
  4. Clean the engine bay.

I highly recommend going out and buying a pressure washer to clean your car. Using such a device to clean your car’s exterior will save you a lot of time and hassle.

That is especially so if you are trying to wash your car in the middle of summer when you can only realistically wash your car in the morning or the evening!

You should consider using tyre shine to give your car that showroom finish. Whilst some people might consider this touch unnecessary, it’s always the small details that count the most when you are trying to sell something.

Write a kick-ass description

If you go on websites such as eBay or Gumtree, you will see people selling their cars with badly-worded descriptions.

People want you to describe your car, and they want to be able to read that description in as little time as possible. Study the descriptions that other car sellers use to see what helps them to sell their cars well, or get someone else to write your description if your spelling and grammar are not up to scratch.

Take some awesome photographs

Niall from says that the way you take your photographs is important. Once you have cleaned your car, park it in a location with a nice backdrop, such as a country park, and take photographs from all four angles.

Make sure the sun doesn’t beat down strongly as you take your photographs, and don’t park near a shaded area as your images will be too bright or too dark. And if you are selling an estate car, make sure you take a good photograph of the boot too!

Picture by Antifun.


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