Creative Ways to Pay Off Your Car Finance Quickly

Driving on a country road on a beautiful day.A lot of people will be aware of the fact that their car finance agreements will last for at least two or three years, with some motorists opting for longer finance terms in order to lower their monthly repayments.

As with any form of lending, interest is spread across the duration of the term, and you are always informed before borrowing any money how much the total interest is going to be on your loan. However, what a lot of financial institutions don’t make clear is that if you pay off any borrowing quicker, you will often have less interest to pay.

But even if the amount you repaid was still the same, regardless of whether you made your normal monthly payments or if you had paid it all off in one lump sum, paying off your car finance sooner rather than later will present a number of benefits to you.

For example, the main benefit to you would be that you have extra money in your bank account each month, and also if you are thinking of borrowing money for some other purpose, you are far more likely to get accepted as you now have fewer financial commitments.

If you have decided that you would quite like to pay off your car finance quickly, but you already have a full-time job and can’t earn any more money that way, here are some creative ways to help you raise that much-needed cash!

Become an eBay trader

It will be obvious that you need to do stuff outside of your full-time job in order to earn extra money (this is commonly known as having a “sideline” gig). One of the most-common ways for people to earn money outside of their main jobs is to become eBay traders!

Regardless of what you sell, the aim here is to buy stock cheaply and sell it for a profit. There are plenty of ideas for making money on eBay out there, but it’s best to find a market that isn’t saturated with other sellers doing the same thing; this is the challenging part!

Set up an affiliate blog

If you are a bit of a geek, one thing you could do is to set up your own affiliate blog! In a nutshell, you would set up a blog site on your chosen topic (computers, gardening, painting, whatever) and then place some links to various online vendors. When your visitors click on these links and buy something from their sites, you get a commission.

For example, if you have a gardening blog, you might “recommend” certain lawnmowers to your visitors, and when they click on those links, you will make some cash when they buy them!

Become a mobile valeter

According to Roy from, if you don’t mind getting “stuck in” you could moonlight as a mobile valeter and clean people’s cars at their homes or places of work! It’s a great way to earn money on the weekends, and it was actually something I used to do when I was younger, funnily enough!

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