The Advantages of Having Remote Controlled Garage Doors

garageAnyone who has a garage knows how convenient the space is, not only for storing vehicles but also for storing extra things around the house. A great garage space can serve as a space where an artist can store supplies, or a man who likes to do car repairs at home can store all of his tools. But no matter what you use your garage for, you definitely want a door installed that will last for many years to come.
Although there are many different types of garage doors to choose from, including tilting doors and roller doors, the best option is an automatic, remote controlled garage door. If you are not convinced, read on to learn about the many advantages you can enjoy with this type of garage door installed in your own home.

Security and Safety

Today’s automatic and remote controlled garage doors are safe because they sense if anyone is in the way as they are closing. Sensors will stop the door automatically to prevent anyone, especially your children, from getting injured if they are in the way.
But these doors also offer a greater level of security as well. Because you can secure them using a code that only you and your family members know, it makes it harder for thieves to break in. Unlike other garage doors, whose handles and locks can be broken or manipulated to make it easy for thieves to get into your home, these doors are heavy, tough, secure, and strong. They will not open until you press the button on your remote control or you type in the proper code.

Ease of Use

Remote controlled garage doors are so simple to use, you will never want to go back to a traditional manual door ever again. Imagine that you are coming home from work or from shopping and it is raining hard outside. The last thing you want is to have to stand in the rain and wind while you are unlocking and opening the door. Instead, with an automatic garage door, you can simply press the button on your remote control as you pull up to your driveway and watch as the door opens on its own. Pull into your garage with ease and never get a drop of water on you. Then, with the simple press of a button from inside your home, your door will close on its own, securely locking in place.

Customizable and Affordable

Many companies now offer remote controlled garage doors at rates that can fit any budget. And you can also choose the design and color that suits the exterior appearance of your home best. If you are ready to upgrade your current garage door or you want to change the way it looks, shop around for the best price on a remote controlled door that is durable and will last for many years to come.
The investment will begin paying itself back immediately as soon as you realize how easy these doors are to use and how convenient they are as well.

The author of this post, Jenny Wadlow, is a freelance blogger by profession and she is writing for Australiana Garage Doors which specializes in garage panel lift doors. You can follow her on Twitter @JennyWadlow.

Author: Jenny Wadlow
Jenny Wadlow, is a freelance blogger and she frequently writes for SupaFit Seat Covers, a company that specializes in providing premium aftermarket protective seat covers in Australia.

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  1. My husband and I recently decided it’s time for us to repair our garage door, so we are also considering making it remote controlled. I hadn’t thought about an automatic door being safer, but this is a definite benefit that we will consider when making our decision! It seems to me like a remote controlled garage door has more benefits than just being convenient. Thanks for the information!

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