Checking Your Oil Level is Probably the Most Important Thing You Can Do to Keep Your Car Running Smooth


beaterIn order to keep your car engines working in good condition checking the car’s oil level is the most important thing to extend its life. Making use of dipstick to check your oil level takes very little time and can be done extremely easily. Like how blood forms the lifeline of a human body, oil is the lifeline for your car. Without the oil it would be impossible for you to make it even a few miles in your car. Though checking the appearance of the oil is also important, however not as much as checking the level of the oil.

If you are a car owner then checking your engine and ensuring the oil is regularly topped off is one of the key things in your cars upkeep. Sadly it is one of most oft forgotten tasks with some owners. As per research, one out of every three cars has not enough oil to run properly. More often than not owners tend to wait till the oil warning light on the dashboard is blinking before they pay any attention to it. The blinking lights tell you that the oil level is low and needs to be checked immediately. Sadly though, by the time the lights start blinking the car engine has already suffered problems. Hence instead of taking any preventive measure you can only look at limiting the damages. Hence it has to be something that has to be on your regular maintenance list.

Checking for level and change of oil

Check on the dipstick to ensure that the oil is between the minimum and maximum marks on it. If it is lower than the minimum mark it requires a top off. On the other hand if it is lower than the maximum mark, first find out how many miles have passed since the last oil change. If you do not know, then change the oil completely. If there is less than 3000 miles since the last oil change, just top off the oil. If it has been over 3000 miles since the last oil change, then change the oil.

Damage caused by low oil level

Having a low level of motor oil can cause more damage than you may imagine. If the level is low then the engine gets wear and tear at a faster speed than it should have to. You can burn the valves on the engine cylinders. This can lead to undertaking engine repairs, which are extremely costly, or worse having to replace the engine completely. The older a vehicle is the more frequent the oil level has to be checked and topped off.

Damage caused by dirty oil

Though the cleanliness of the motor oil is important it is not as important as the level of the oil. If the oil becomes extremely dirty, i.e. black or dark brown then the oil is dirty. As the miles and days pass by, oil gets dirty, and it loses its lubricating efficiency (viscosity). If the oil becomes very dirty it will lead to overheating and cause wear and tear. Sometimes, simply having a low oil level will cause it to look dirty. Hence it becomes important to check the level more than the state. Once the level is topped off, fresh oil will ensure that the oil is never that dirty.

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This article is authored by Greg Fisher, a successful businessman and a car enthusiast. He enjoys writing reviews and updates about cars in his spare time. He says getting your oil changed at regular intervals ensures that the car is in working condition for a longer period.


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