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Road Trip!

Long car journeys, or even short ones, for that matter, can be enhanced through the use of different accessories – these can range from essential gadgets like sat navs and tire pressure checkers, through to custom accessories for specific brands that can help enhance the performance of a ride. It’s also worth thinking about some useful apps, as well as solar charging kits and other devices that can make your drive much easier.

Sat Nav (aka GPS)

Now arguably indispensable, unless you have a very keen sense of direction, sat navs can be built in to your dashboard or mounted on top of it, and can be programmed to handle different routes and traffic warnings; you can also integrate sat navs with online maps and images to make it even more straightforward to find a location.

Custom Accessories

Many car brands, from BMW to Mini, offer custom accessories that can make your car more distinctive, and more fun to drive – these accessories can include light alloy wheels, car covers, chrome finishes, covers for steering wheels, heated seats, mud flaps, and roof railings.

USB Power Adapter

Rather than using a battery, a USB power adapter can be fitted into the same space as a cigarette lighter, and can be more efficient in terms of using power. It’s possible to run a USB power adapter to charge your phone, as well as any other devices that you need over a long journey, which might include a laptop.


Various smartphone apps can be installed that allow you to detect accidents and work out better routes; AA also provide parking apps, while apps such as CamerAlert will tell you when you’re near to a speed camera. Other apps can be used to report on the weather, and to give you updates on your journey, while also delivering similar information to a separate sat nav.

Tire Gauge

If you’re experiencing problems with your tires, it’s worthwhile having a tire inflator checker, which can use a digital reader to let you know whether your tire’s pressures are too low, and what their optimum pressure should be.

Solar Charging Bluetooth Kit

You can take advantage of being out on the road and in the sun by using a solar charging Bluetooth kit – these kind of devices can represent an eco-alternative to other battery packs.

First Aid Kits

It’s always useful to have some sort of first aid kit in your car on journeys; this can include bandages, basic medicines, scissors, and treatments for burns – having a first aid kit to hand can prove invaluable if you’re stuck on the side of the road waiting for emergency services to arrive.

Emergency Breakdown Kits

Another essential thing to have in the back of your car is an emergency breakdown kit for your car – some of the tools that this can include are jumper cables, a tire changing kit, and blocks for stabilizing your vehicle while you’re changing them. Road flares and snow supplies can also be kept inside a kit for emergencies.

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AJ loves gadgets and gizmos for her car. Her favorite car manufacturer is Cooper BMW, and she recommends looking online for accessories for your auto. Angelina can be found blogging about general maintenance and advice when buying a second hand car.

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  1. Great tips AJ. If you can afford it then i’d definitely recommend getting an in car dvd player. They’re a really god send and help keep the kids quiet in the back! 🙂

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