Driving Your Classic Car in the Big City


It`s no secret that life in the big city can be rough, especially when it comes to owning a car. The big city can be a tough and sometimes downright inhospitable place for the average automobile. It seems like the vast majority of cars that live their lives on the city streets always have their fair share of dents, dings, scratches and other “battle scars.” Sagging suspensions, missing hubcaps and even broken windows are just one of the many hallmarks of a vehicle that`s seen most of its working life on the mean streets.

In places where “parking by touch” is the norm, aggressive driving is a given and where a missing hubcap, mirror or side marker goes unnoticed by most owners, driving a classic car in the big city can be an experience that makes even the most stout of heart collapse in fear. A lot of classic car owners simply avoid going into the city whenever they go on their drives, while many others keep their valued rides locked up in secure garages and storage facilities.

No one wants to see their classic car get banged up during a short trip into the big city. However, by following these simple, sensible tips, you`ll be able to enjoy a day of cruising around in the major city of your choice without literally running into any problems.

– Pick times when there is not much traffic on the roads. For instance, you might want to pick a Sunday afternoon to take your classic car for a spin, since the vast majority of drivers won`t be on the roads around that time.
– Keep your car in a secure and protected parking area if you need to make a pit stop. Avoid on-street parking, where your vehicle can be subject to dents, dings and the occasional parking authority tow truck. Many places in the big city offer a valet service, but there`s no telling how the valet will treat your classic car, especially when they get out of your sight.
– Don`t be an aggressive driver or get into battles with other aggressive drivers. Not only is it extraordinarily stressful to begin with, but you could also place yourself at greater risk of being involved in an accident.
– Always be aware of your immediate environment whenever you`re driving. It is something that you should do no matter what vehicle you drive, but you`ll want to be extra careful whenever you`re taking your classic or antique vehicle out for a spin.
– Be mindful of the limitations of your vehicle. Thanks to the use of drum brakes, worm gear steering and other antiquated technologies, many older vehicles simply aren`t able to cope with today`s faster and more aggressive traffic flow as well as modern vehicles can. Keep in mind how much distance you`ll need to brake and the effort needed to turn, for example.
– Stick to the less traveled secondary roads. You`ll enjoy less traffic, less stress and plenty of beautiful scenery, to boot.

Always remember to invest in the right auto insurance to keep yourself and your vehicle covered against any eventualities. If your classic car does end up with a few dents or minor damage from an accident, you want to be able to have that damage taken care of by the best auto body shops around. Finally, www.classiccar.com offers plenty of other excellent tips for surviving the big city in your classic car, along with other general car care advice.


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