Accidents: A Personal Disaster


Hurricane Sandy has proven to be a devastating event for much of the East Coast, with New York and New Jersey being particularly hard hit. Gale force winds swept trees out of their roots, and tossed cars around like they were nothing. Boats were found on streets, houses were gutted, and downed power lines left millions of New Yorkers without power. Hundreds of thousands of people have come to feel how powerless they can be in the face of an unimaginable tragedy, one that struck out of nowhere and brought with it the full force of nature’s fury. Now the clean up begins.

Sadly for many New York residents, they are no strangers to destruction at the hands of forces beyond their control. While it is true that natural disasters, terrorist attacks, and other freak occurrences do cause a lot of pain and suffering, there is another side to pain and suffering that happens on a far more frequent basis. These victims are not victims of some random act or natural disaster but face the same amount of hardship as if they were. These are victims of car accidents on the streets of New York City every single day.

In 2010 alone there were over 250,000 victims of car accidents in New York. Many of these victims faced severe hardship, damage to their property and person, and a laundry list like medical bills that they were forced to pay. Often victims of car accidents are unable to work or care for themselves while the bills and the bill collectors pile up every day. The pain and suffering that they feel is no less than that of a natural disaster, and in some ways it is more acute because the suffering is very personal with no national mourning to take solace in. It can often feel to the victim of an accident like they are very much alone, with the world to face in an injured and psychologically frail state of mind.

When the perpetrator does not have insurance or a hit and run occurs, the damage can fall squarely on the shoulders of the victims, with many insurance companies finding ways to avoid making full or even partial payments. On occasions when there is a city vehicle involved, the victim can feel like they have to fight city hall by themselves. This simply shouldn’t be the case.

When an unnatural event occurs, hundreds and thousands of officials swarm the scene to help fix the damage, rescue people and rebuild lives. Millions of dollars in Federal Aid will pour into the city to once again restore the damage. And rightly so, victims of horrible events deserve to have their needs met. In a city that has over 250 fatal accidents every year, it is important to know who you can have in your corner should you or a loved one face the terrifying reality of a car accident. Statistics show that in 2010, there were over 45,000 personal injury accidents in New York, which means there were over 45,000 victims in one single year. Many of these folks will have to deal with their injuries and expenses out of pocket, while some will seek out the guidance of an experienced attorney to guide them through the complex legal systems.

Why do accidents occur with such frequency?

There are a few common factors that contribute to accidents:

Alcohol – drunk drivers are responsible for a large number of car crashes due to being impaired and unable to drive in a safe manner
Speed – Going too fast or driving in a manner inconsistent with road conditions is another major factor in car accidents.
Mechanical Problems – When a tire blows out, brakes fail, or the driver has a problem that does not allow the vehicle to be steered properly, accidents can occur.

An accident is a very personal disaster, which deserves attention. Make sure that you are properly prepared for the life-changing occurrence of an accident.

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